[ME2DAY/110218] More of Dara at Lotte World and her Disneyland Japan Memories

굿모닝~!!! ^.^ 어제사진 한장 더~! 유갓다 빠이야~ 포즈로 너무너무 사진 찍고싶어서 결국 찍었어요ㅋ사람들이 이상하게 보긴했지만…ㅋ 원래 롤러코스터에서 사진찍힐때 난 유갓다빠이야 포즈, 밍끼는 뱃뱃~포즈하기로하고 열심히했는데!…늣어서그런지 사진안찍힘ㅠㅋㅋ


Good morning~!!! ^.^ Another photo from yesterday~! You got the fire~ I really really wanted to take a picture with this pose and in the end I did ke Although people were watching me strangely … ke Originally, I tried really hard to do the “You got the fire” pose and Minji tried to do the “Bad bad~” pose when they were taking the photo of us on the roller coster but! …. we were late and so we couldn’t take the picture like thatㅠ ke ke

One more update under the cut~


Original:와쌉! 다롱다롱과 함께하는 추억여행!ㅋ 작년 1월 처음 일본에 가서 촌스럽게 긴장한 다롱과 일본에 익숙했던 가이드 씨에루ㅋ 호텔로비에 도착해서 찰칵!!! 캬~ 그때의 기억이 새록새록 나네용… 풋풋해! +.+ 포토그래퍼는 공작가입니다!ㅋ


Whassup! A trip down memory lane with Darong Darong! Ke Last January, when we first went to Japan, it’s unfamiliar and nervous Darong with the guide who was very accustomed to Japan, CLroo ke Snapped this when we arrived at the hotel lobby!!! Kya~ Memories of that time keep popping up… it feels fresh! +.+ The photographer was photographer Gong! Ke


다롱다롱과 함께하는 추억여행! 하라주쿠에 있는 오야꼬동이 맛있는 식당에서 찰칵!ㅋ 작은 식당이라 일행이 다같이 못앉아서 둘둘 나눠앉았었는데 굉장히 신기해했던 다롱ㅋ 주문할줄 몰라서 애들에게 의지했던 다롱ㅋㅋㅋ 포토그래퍼는 역시 공작가!^_^ㅋ

Source: Dara’s Me2day

Translated by: GEE@YGLadies



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