[ME2DAY/110215] Dara updates with 2NE1 Earphones and CL

Original: 두둥!이게 뭐게요?! 무대에서 쓰는 모니터용 인이어인데요 이번에 장만하려구요ㅋ 본인이 원하는 그림을 넣어주신대서 난 블랙잭을 골랏지요! 이뿌죠? 완젼 이뿌죠?! 항상 무대에 오를때마다 랙잭이들을 생각하고 함께하려구~ 캬~!^.^ 감동감동! 쥬르륵…ㅋ


Tada! What is this?! This is an earpiece to use to monitor while on stage. This time I’m trying to prepare ke Since they said they would put on a picture that I wanted on it, I chose Blackjacks! Isn’t it pretty? It’s totally pretty right?! Every time I get on stage, I’ll think of Lackjacks and try to be with you guys~ Kya~!^.^ Touched touched! Tears flowing…ke ke


another update under the cut~


씨엘빠분들을 위한 사진투척!!!ㅋ고이고이 아껴왔던 씨엘씨의 미공개 사진한장공개ㅋㅋㅋ씨엘씨폰에서 직접 전송된 사진이랍니다!비록 미투나 기계를 이용하는게 어려워서 잘못하지만 이렇게 가끔 사진도 보내주구 마음을 전하려하는게 귀엽군요!ㅋㅋ씨엘씨가 랙잭이들 사랑한데요!ㅋ


Throwing you a photo of CL!^^ Opening one of CL’s pictures to the publicㅋㅋ Sent the picture to CL’s phone! *Difficult to get the real feeling of the photo, but it ends up looking cute?*!ㅋㅋ CL~ Loves BlackJacks! *cheering*



Source:Dara’s me2day

Translation by: GEE@YGLadies


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