[ME2DAY/110215] Dara ask BlackJacks 2

Original: 와쌉?!? ^.^ 우리 투애니원 공식팬클럽 블랙잭 2기 모집중인거 알죠??? 캬…두근두근… 2기 랙잭이들은 어딧나~! 가입했어요? 가입하구있어요? 가입할거에요?! 아니 뭐…내가 이렇게 지켜보고있겠다라는게 아니구 그냥 궁금해서..ㅋㅋ꺅!웰컴 투 퉤니원월드!^^


Wassup?!? ^.^ You know about our official fan club, BlackJacks and the second round of recruiting, right??? Kya…*heartbeats*… Where are the second set of BlackJacks~! Did you register? Are you registering? Will you register?! No…I’m just nervous about it..ㅋㅋ Kkyak! Welcome to 2NE1 World!^^


Source: Dara’s me2day

Translation by: AA-CHAN


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