[NEWS] CL’s Father, Professor Lee Kiejin attended the YG Family concert


Professor Lee attended the 2010 YG Family concert and he shared some thoughts about his experience.

I went to the YG family Concert. At the entrance my daughter’s manager courteously welcomed my students and me. The waiting room was crowded but I could easily find my daughter CL. “Hello father!” Sandara greeted me in a loud voice. Yesterday, I couldn’t sleep because I was worried about the awkwardness with the members, but that worry disappeared.

The light went off and it became noisy, but the moment the lights came back on a burst of shout started. The first performance started off with Chaerin’s rap. I then took the glow stick that was stashed inside my bosom. There were shouting, festive wave of lights, and stage lighting. For the first time in my life I felt such an explosive madness; there was no one who had their arms or legs crossed. After three hours into the show Big Bang, Se7en, Gummy, Psy, and 2NE1 all came out on stage. CL was sitting on the steps of the stage as the final curtain fell. She seemed to be looking at the people going back to their seats and the seats without lights.

I was on the subway going home, a lot of teenage fans were also returning to their own location. What did they find through today’s fever? They experienced a kind of fever that their school never taught them and it will be dissolved into their future life. While enjoying the performance I thought to myself “Universities should be fun like this.” Chaerin’s appearance sitting on the stage glimmered. I sent a sms to my daughter “Chaerin, come on”, shortly after she answered back “ok!”. I didn’t know why but I was not tired at all because in that moment I got to share and communicate with my daughter within the three hours.

Source: nate

Translated by sieljjang@clbaddestfemale

Taken from CLbaddestfemale.wordpress.com


4 thoughts on “[NEWS] CL’s Father, Professor Lee Kiejin attended the YG Family concert

  1. I want to cry after ready how he reacted after the concert He must be proud of his Daugther… and Dara really close to CL’s Father because she doesn’t have the Father figure :)

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