[ME2DAY/110214] Dara’s update on Valentines Day

Original Message: 와쌉?!?^.^ 짠! 랙잭이들을 위한 블랙잭 쪼꼬렛이에요!ㅋ 어제 우리 넷이서…ㅋ발렌타인데이가 뭐냐며 우리와는 상관없는일이라며 심지어 화이트데이때 우리중 그누구 한명도 사탕받는거못봤다며 수다 엄청떨었는데ㅋㅋ아하하 암튼 해피 발렌타인이구 좋은하루보내용!^.^/


wassup?!? jjan! this are chocolates for blackjacks!ke yesterday all 4 of us were talking about what ” valentines day” is to us and we said its a day what that has got nothing to do with us. even white day and none of us received candies too and then we turned quiet keke anyways happy valentines day and have a nice day! ^.^/



Source: Dara’s me2day

Translation by: winggerdinggers @ DGH


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