|TWITTER| Minzy shares more of her photography and some meaningful words

Feb 12, 2010

Original: 달려가나 걸어가나 앞으로 전진하는 것. 그치만 우리에게 지금 당장 필요로 한 것은 앞으로 전진하기 전에 한 보 후퇴하여 주변을 둘러보는 것이다. 한보 후퇴가 앞으로의 전진의 첫걸음을 좌우한다.
Translation: Whether we run or walk, we have to move forward. but the thing we need to do right now is to go back one step and look around before we move forward. your next step depends on that.

Feb 13, 2010

Original: 도시 – 잠들지 않는 세상.
Translation: City – the world never sleeps.

Source: Minzy’s twitter
Translation by
Huisu Yoon


You can really feel how mature Minzy is
when you read her caption for the first picture.
Also, I feel like a proud big sister
seeing her experiment with her photography ~
– renKa002


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