[ME2DAY/110210] Who’s feet are these?

Original Text: 굿모닝!^.^ 이 발은 누구의 발일까요???ㅋㅋㅋ어 이거 약간 탑군 스타일인데… ㅋㅋㅋ

Translation: Good morning!^.^ Who’s feet are these??? kekeke Oh this is a little like TOP-goon’s style…kekeke


2 more updates ~

Original Text: 아이쿠!ㅠㅠ이런…큰일낫네..ㅠ여러분…기대하게해서 미안해요ㅋ댓글보구 이발의 정체를 밝히기가 두려워졌어요ㅠ이사람은 탑군도 승리군도 아니에요… 미안해요!ㅠ 이사람은 짱매에요!ㅋ짱매 데뷔하다! YG 패밀리,YG 액터스 이후로 새로생긴 YG 코메디 파트의 진주맨짱매!

Translation: Aigoo!T.T This… is trouble..T.T Everyone… sorry for getting you excited ke Comments about these feet as I reveal the person has gone into fear T.T This person is neither TOP-goon nor Seungri-goon… I’m sorry! T.T This person is Jjang Mae! ke Jjang Mae has debuted! YG Family, as a YG actor in a newly formed YG Comedy part, Pearl man Jjang Mae!


Original Text:떠오르는 슈퍼스타 짱매에게 뺏겨버린 우리 매니자 희동이…ㅠㅠ 내 매니저는 어디에….ㅠㅠ 외로운달옹… 흑흑흑ㅋ 짱매에게 밀리다니…..!ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Translation: Rising Superstar Jjang Mae ran away and it’s now our Hee Dong manager… T.T Where did my manager go… T.T Lonely Darong… heukheukheuk ke Jjang Mae left me…..! kekekekeke


Source: Dara’s Me2day

Translation by: Isha@21bangs


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