|TWITTER| DJ POET off to produce for 2NE1!

YG Entertainment continues to bring in foreign producers into their mix as we find a tweet from DJ POET saying he was off to Korea!

DJ POET is well known for his connection with the Black Eyed Peas. Besides touring with the world class group, DJ POET had as co-produced B.E.P’s Boom Boom Pow and and has been featured in 2NE1TV Season 2. Looks like his collaboration with 2NE1 hasn’t ended yet.

BlackJacks can only imagine what kind of music they’ll make. Will it be for 2NE1’s Japanese album? Or for their the long awaited US debut? Only time will tell. Are you excited?

2NE1 and DJ POET recording in London


Source: DJPoet’s Twitter
Article by renKa002 of Letsplay2ne1
Tip from G1NGY of LetPlay2NE1


7 thoughts on “|TWITTER| DJ POET off to produce for 2NE1!

  1. yeh he is filipino no doubt about that, dara grew up in philippines and she can speak tagalog fluently. Can’t wait till they release their new songs!! 2NE1 all the way! annihalate all the try hard singers in the US that are singing bullshit songs lol

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