[NEWS] 2NE1’s CL confirms a 3rd season for ‘2NE1 TV’!

Great news, Blackjacks! 2NE1’s ‘baddest female’ has confirmed that ‘2NE1 TV‘ will continue for a third season.

Seungri participated in Mnet’s “Took” program, through which he gave fans a glimpse into his world. When they followed him into YG Entertainment’s headquarters, they ran into his four fierce labelmates,2NE1. Continue reading


[ME2DAY/110205] Dara, “Park Bom! Daebak!”

와쌉!^.^ 어제 엠넷에서 승리원장님 모프로그램에 우리가 나온걸봤는데ㅋ짧지만 너무 재밌더라구요!와…봄이 진짜! 대박!ㅋㅋ항상 같이있으면서 느끼는거지만 우리만보긴 아까워요!ㅠ영혼을 울리는 목소리 박봄! 영혼을 웃기는 예능감 박봄! 짱~! (사진은 내용과 관련없음ㅋ)

Wassup!^.^ We recently came to see President Seungri on his Mnet programㅋ Short, but really funny! Wah… It’s really Bom! Daebak!ㅋㅋ If we’re always together, we feel good and it’s precious!ㅠ The soulful voice of Park Bom! The artistic and laughter inspiring, Park Bom! Best~! (I just used this pictureㅋ)

Translations by AA-CHAN

[LYRICS/ROM] Love is Ouch – Japanese Version CUT!

This is the romanji (romanization) of what Minzy sang in this video. Aren’t you all excited for their Japanese debut?!

いこう あるきだそう

Ikou aruki dasoou
Sore zore no ashita no basho he
Sayonara mo ai no tsuzukiyo(/tsudukiyo)
Korekara no futari no tame

Romanized by: Ka7m of LetsPlay2NE1
Take out with Full Credits!

[VIDEO] Minzy Belting Out ‘Love is Ouch’ in Japanese!

Here’s a sneak peek at Love is Ouch in Japanese! Minzy was recording when Seung Ri gave them copies of his VVIP mini album as part of his ‘Seung Ri’s Took MNet Special. Listen to it at 0:09 – 0:26. What do you guy’s think? isn’t it beautiful?

Check out 4:43 for a pleasant surprise!

SOURCE: wonderfulcrazyme @ Youtube

Translation for 4:43:

CL: Everyone please watch out for 2ne1TV Season 3! Seungri’s album. Velvet! Velvet Oh my God Velvet! Luxury velvet. (T/N: it’s not really relevant to 2NETV Season 3 but i thought CL was really cute, so.. )

ROUGH TRANSLATIONS: MeeyaMia @ LetsPlay2NE1.wordpress.com