[NEWS] Thunder’s New Year message to Dara

Cheondung/Thunder of MBLAQ, also known for being Dara of 2ne1’s brother recently revealed his message to his sister for this Lunar New Year.

Read the sweet message after the jump!

“I believe my noona is doing so well now. If you continue to work hard as you are doing preparing for your Japan debut like this, I believe you will give a great performance. And even though you want me to introduce you to someone and let you date, the truth is there is no man like that to me (T/N: no one up to his standards). And i wish for our family to be healthy and to live well. I know you still can’t afford to have extra time so do your best and don’t worry. Do your best and when we become great singers, I’ll take care of you.”

Such a sweet and touching message from a dongsaeng that thinks so highly of her noona. We also wish all the best for Cheondoon and his group, MBLAQ and Dara and the whole of 2ne1. We hope this serves as an inspiration for everyone this holiday. Happy Lunar New Year.

*Translator’s note:

Donsaeng – younger sibling

Noona – what males call their older sisters

Cheondung – means Thunder when translated to English


ROUGH TRANSLATIONS: MeeyaMia @ LetsPlay2NE1.wordpress.com

WRITTEN BY : MeeyaMia @ LetsPlay2NE1.wordpress.com


One thought on “[NEWS] Thunder’s New Year message to Dara

  1. so love thunder.. it really shows how dara loves and cares to her brother.. ♥♥♥ though at the back of mind its telling me that thunder is just too selfish to share his noona and afraid that the attention, love, and care will be lessen, i still agree with him that his one (aside from dara) the right person who can say that this guy is for her noona…

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