[VIDEO] This is it! Can’t Nobody Eng Version MV is out!

2ne1 is BACK!!!

The girls are finally getting the ball rolling on their Japanese debut! Check out 2ne1’s latest offering for Blackjacks allover the world: Can’t Nobody English Version MV! The uploader said that YG was blocking all HD versions as uploaded so we’ll have to wait for YG itself to upload the HD version.

It’s shot at the same set as the Korean version as seen in 2ne1TV but the subtle additions were a good refreshing take on the video. *SPOILER* I personally love the Medusa part!

It’s sleek, It’s sexy, It’s 2ne1! So feast your eyes and be amazed! Can’t Nobody hold ’em down!

Support 2ne1 and YG by viewing it on their channels once uploaded!!


What do you guys think? Comment below!!


SOURCE: skylinedays @ Youtube

WRITTEN BY: MeeyaMia @ LetsPlay2NE1.wordpress.com



This Music Video was release was released via iTunes JAPAN on February 2, 2011


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