[GOODIE #18] 2NE1’s Fire on Pump it Up Fiesta!


Watch some awesome moves to the beat of 2ne1’s Fire!

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[TWITTER] Matured Minzy and her inspiring tweets


The weather remembers many things. Through the weather, memory of those times, even to down to the individual moments, the weather will tell you the stories through the wind. When it asks, “Don’t you remember that time?”, naturally memories of that time will come to mind. I’ve opened the window and the wind is blowing in. Minji-ya, do you remember? …


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[GOODIE #17] Fashion Game: The Baddest Female

No one is too old for Dress Up! Especially when you’re playing stylist to the Baddest Female Seoul City ever had! Enjoy picking out stage outfits for 2ne1’s leader CL in Roi World’s Dress Up CL (2ne1). The outfits range from promo pictures to MV costumes and from Fire to Can’t Nobody! Get your creative juices flowing and start channeling your inner VIVA.H!

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SOURCE: Roi World via 아가래퍼 @ NEPEOPLE

Written by: MeeyaMia @ LetsPlay2NE1.wordpress.com

A/N: VIVA.H is the brand designed  by 2ne1’s current stylists Seo Han Young and Lee Han Jung

[VIDEO] Dara’s Pearl Lighting Team Etude CF! (with JjangMae cameo!)

Etude House is going to release their brand new Clear Pearl BB cream product in Korea this coming March 4th. 2NE1’s sandara Park, as the endorser of the product recently appeared in its commercial film along with 2NE1’s infamous Jjanggoo Manager. If you remember Dara’s Me2day update about JjangMae wearing a white suit, this is the CF they were filming then!

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[ME2DAY/110227] Dara shows a photo of “CL” Cabinet/Shelf.. Spot CL?

생일을축하해주신 모든분들 감사합니다 사랑해!!! 채린올림

Thank you to everyone who greeted me Happy Birthday, I love you!!! From Chaerin


Source: Dara’s me2day

Translated by: MeeyaMia @ LetsPlay2NE1.wordpress.com

[ME2DAY/110227] Fashionista Dara~

멀고도 험한 패셔니스타의 길!ㅋㅋ 계절을 앞서간 다롱… 이 바지의 검정색 부분은 망사랍니다ㅋ 멋지게 입고 나와서 멋지게 딱! 워킹을하려했는데…..

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[PHOTOS] 2NE1’s new solo photos and Wallpaper for 11st

11st gives us tons of goodies. Not only we get some monthly calendar wallpapers, but also solo new/unseen photos of each member of 2NE1. Enjoy these goodies Blackjacks!

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[ME2DAY/110225-26] Dara’s cute and lovely updates

올해 성인이되는 채린이를 위해 이쁜 꽃다발과 카드를 준비했다!^.^ 우리 아기푸둥… 벌써 성인됐니!ㅋ 그래도 내눈엔 여전히 아기푸둥ㅋ 미리 생일 축하해~!!!^_^♥

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[NEWS] Jung Il Woo wants to invite 2NE1 to his fanmeeting

Actor Jung Il Woo expresses how he hasn’t forgotten about 2NE1’s Sandara Park!

During one of his interviews with a magazine, Jung Il Woo was asked, “Among the girl groups, who would you like to invite to your fan meeting?” To that, Jung Il Woo replied, “I was once in a drama with Sandara Park. If I get the chance, I want to invite 2NE1.”

Jung Il Woo had met Sandara Park, before her debut, through the drama “Return of Iljimae”. In the drama, Sandara had a one-sided love with Jung Il Woo and had received a lot of attention from the viewers.

On the other hand, Jung Il Woo has been casted for SBS drama “49 Days” and is currently filming for it.

Source + Picture: My Star via Naver

Cr: Allkpop