[NEWS] 2NE1′s Sandara Park “G-Dragon Can Be An Ideal,” Surprise Confession

The heart-warming relationship of 2NE1′s Sandara Park and Big Bang’s G-Dragon is becoming a hot topic.

Sandara Park appeared for an interview on KBSTV2 “Entertainment Weekly” aired on the 29th, where she said, “When speaking about ideal men to be boyfriends, there are always different men in mind. But this time it was G-Dragon.”

After she confided this deep thought, Sandara Park suddenly made a cute expression and started to stammer, “Aigoo, oh my gosh,” and breaking into a shy smile.

Sandara Park continued to reveal the reason why G-Dragon should be thought of as an ideal, “Members of our agency went to go on a ski trip, and I was carrying this really heavy board, and when we were going up to the lift, I was already grunting because of the weight,” she said, “Usually, we don’t speak much, but G-Dragon appeared and got my board without saying a word,” she explained. Chic G-Dragon’s charm and warm heart was revealed.

In addition, when Sandara park was asked, she said that the member who had the best skin was CL. She said, “CL’s skin hasn’t changed much even she has make-up on for a really long time. When the strong make-up is erased, her skin is still clear, like a baby’s,” she revealed, attracting attention.


Source: Nate News

Translation by: Knucklepink + BlackjackBelle@DGH

Taken from: ohdara.wordpress.com


3 thoughts on “[NEWS] 2NE1′s Sandara Park “G-Dragon Can Be An Ideal,” Surprise Confession

  1. I knew that daragon was real! Yay! Never thought she would confess it. After she said that she broke into a happy smile. Dara so cute!

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