[ME2DAY/110129] The Remaining Batch of Dara’s 100 faces

Original: 백다라 5탄!^.^

Translation: 100 Dara 5th set!^.^


Two more update from me2day queen~

Original: 백다라 6탄!

Translation: 100 Dara 6th shot!


Original: 백다라 시리즈의 마지막! 7탄 빠방!ㅋ 하지만 이 백가지의 사진으로도 만족못하겟다~ 여전히 다라앓이 하시는 분들을 위하여! (^^;;;그런사람없나…?) 정보하나 주지요! 오늘 연예가중계봐요!ㅋ 뿅!

Translation: The last series of 100 Dara! 7th shot *tada*! ke But I’m not yet satisfied even after taking 100 pictures~ to those of you who wants more of Dara! (^^;;; Is there anyone like that…?) Please inform me! Watch today’s Entertainment Weekly! ke Ppyong!


Original: 연극보러 대학로 다녀왔어요~! 나 문화생활 즐기는 여자에요!^_^vㅋ 아… 보면서 웃고 감동도받구…눈물도 찔끔거렷더니 메말라있던 감정과 마음이 촉촉해지는 느낌…캬.. 재밌더라구요^^ 프로포즈하는 씬에서 왜 내가 눈물이낫는지ㅋ주책이야!ㅠㅠㅋ 경험해보고싶넹!ㅋ


Translation: Came back to university to see a play~! I’m enjoying being a cultured woman!^_^vㅋ Ah… I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw it… Also so sad and brought tears to my eyes, which left a deep impression…kya.. It was fun^^ *About always tearing up in proposals*!ㅠㅠㅋ Want to experience it!ㅋ

Source: Dara’s me2day

Translation by: Isha@21bangs + AA-CHAN



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