[NEWS] MNet accidentally insults 2NE1’s Minzy?

At the beginning of the month, one of IU’s backup dancer was caught up in a controversy. The backup dancer seen with IU in “Good Day” has been affectionally nicknamed “Bong Dancer”. Netizens had accused him of insulting 2NE1’s maknae, Minzy, on his minihompy.

The “Bong Dancer” had uploaded an image of himself and captioned it “kong minji roe”, which is a derogatory nickname for Minzy by anti-fans. Recently, MNet aired an episode of “Daejongkyulja”, which compared SNSD and 2NE1 in various categories.

In a cut where Minzy is dancing, the caption says, “Minzy’s specialty and hobby is dance. Her dance is what they call ‘kong minji roe’.” However, in MNet’s case, ‘kong minji roe’ means ‘land mines’ and was simply poor choice of words to describe her dancing.


Source: Newsis and 82movie1

Credits: Koreaboo.com


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