[NEWS] Piggy Dolls Cited 2NE1 as Their Role Model

Piggy Dolls was recently interviewed by Newsen where they revealed how they started as singers. The girls also expressed that 2ne1 is their role model.

Check out some parts of the interview below.

Piggy Dolls made a loud entrance into the Korean music scene by headlining about their combined weight of 230kg. After performing their debut track, “Trend“, on various public music programs, their name immediately dominated portal search rankings and became a hot topic of interest.

The trio has often been nicknamed as ‘the second Big Mama’ or ‘the second Bubble Sisters‘, but they explained, “We just wanted to give hope to people like us. There’s been an increase of youths dreaming of becoming singers, but there’s no law stating that one can only become a part of a girl group if you’re skinny and beautiful. We wanted to help people realize their dreams without being bogged down by the views of others.”

Just like how their lyrics state, ‘We are trend‘, the girls’ biggest weapon is their confidence, which also stem from the support they receive from their labelmate, Norazo.

When asked about their role models, the Piggy Girls immediately cited 2NE1.

2NE1 is our role models. We want our performances to make people look forward to both our singing talents, and to our personalities as well. We would like to meet with the 2NE1 seniors and receive advice on how to enjoy the stage,” they claim.

(omitted unrelated parts)

Source: Newsen via Nate
Credits: Vitalsign@Allkpop
Taken from : YGUNITED


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