[TWITTER] Hwang Ssa Bu tweets a photo of exercising Dara

고독한 자기관리 47편^^


Source: Hwangssabu’s Twitter



[GOODIE # 10] “ALL YOU DO IS ACT THE FOOL” Live and on repeat!

cr: jxleungg @YT + hitechkwontwins @LJ + KwonTwins Fanpage

[VIDEO] 2NE1 Thanks Pinoy Blackjacks

2NE1 finds out their album is #1 in the Philippines and they would like to thank Pinoy Blackjacks for making this possible.



Dara: Thank you very much to all the Pinoy Blackjack who had supported us!
Hopefully*, you’ll (continue to) support our new album, To Anyone. We love you!

Bom: Love you all!**

source: UniversalRecPH
Translations by renKa002 of letsplay2ne1

*Can also be translated as “I hope” or “I wish”
** literal translation; Seems
like Bom was trying
to say “Mahal Kayo”

[TWITTER] Jinusean tweets with pics of Mommy Dara, Mommy CL and Mommy Minji!

365Days of Love Sean1월19일2ne1멤버들을 데리고 홀트아이들일시보호소에 갔다 아이들은2ne1누나들의 손길이 마냥 좋았고 2ne1은 작은천사들과 행복한시간을 보냈다 오늘도작은실천한가지

Rough trans soon to come!

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