[WRITERS SHOUTOUT] The Fanboy Lounge


One day, my mom discovered a couple of KPop albums stacked in my messy closet. She asked me if I was listening to them. When I said yes, she raised her eyebrow.

“I can’t remember enrolling you to any foreign language class.”

Then I answered, “Exactly. That’s why I can’t understand them.”

I know most of you can relate to this. Probably 80% of non-Korean KPop fans cannot speak nor understand Korean and yet listen and sing along Korean songs. Believe me, I’m trying to learn it but tutorials on Youtube aren’t as reliable as I expect them to be.

Among my friends, I probably am the only one who likes KPop a lot. I do find it unusual because KPop’s larger audience are composed of women. I mean, it’s undeniable that most groups target audience are women alone. Take DBSK for example who named their official fan club, Cassiopeia. Man, I wouldn’t wanna be called a Cassie. WTH! DBSK isn’t the only one, though. Wondergirls then came up with Wonderful. Wow! Wonderful! @.@

Then there’s SNSD with S♥NE (What’s wrong with the heart icon?!), FT Island with Primadonna (Seriously? Me? A Primadonna?!), Kara with Kamilia (What should you call me then? Kamille?) and finally, U-Kiss came up with Kiss Me (Oh please, U-Kiss, kiss me!!! WTF!).

So the real challenge for us fanboys is how we blend ourselves in with those excessive amount of testosterone. Being a fanboy is a lot different than what fangirls do. I mean, yes, we do scream and shout when we see our favorite groups perform live. Take this, for example:

Or maybe not scream at all, like these guys here:

But we fanboys, though not as many as girls, are more aggressive, more obsessive and definitely a lot dedicated to idols. We see K-Pop as hobbies and become crazy about it as much as we’re crazy about cars and alcohol (just kidding).

In the succeeding posts on my series, I will talk about things that concern and interest us fanboys. There is a lot to say, I tell you, and there is more that you do not know about us.




9 thoughts on “[WRITERS SHOUTOUT] The Fanboy Lounge

  1. Other Agencies who handle Korean Idols doesn’t think that it’s not just female fans dominate the market there are also men, I’m a female fan or they called fangirl, I’m so glad YG treats equally they had VIP & Blackjacks for fanboys and fangirls.

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  3. Props to you, my friend. Be proud of who you are and what you like! (Be You-tiful!) At least, blackjack isn’t so bad right? It’s pretty cool :D Although BJ, ahaaa, I’ll leave that to you :D

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