[NEWS/110123] 2NE1’s official Fanclub is open for registration!

YG Entertainment Announces Registration for Blackjack 2 Fanclub

Today, YG Entertainmen announced the re-opening of registration for fans to join 2NE1’s Official Fanclub “Blackjack 2.” Fans who were unable to join the first generation of 2NE1’s fanclub (way back in November 2009) will now have that opportunity.

“Hello this is 2NE1 representative,

Yes, 2NE1’s official fanclub BLACKJACK is looking for a second family! If you missed out on the last stage, join us as we are recruiting for the next two years.



◆Recruitment period◆

2011/1/24 ~ 2011/2/24 (for a month)

◆Membership Qualifications

◆- Anyone who loves 2NE1! And those who are most likely to stick to YG official website. THERE WILL BE A NOTICE APPLICATION FOR FOREIGNERS AFTER WHEN WE FINISH THE PROCEDURE FOR KOREANS

◆Active period

◆ The last day of registration to a year after, could be extended based on 2NE1’s album promotions. (1 year memberships) Fee- 25,000 won = $22 USD Ommitted translation for information relevant to K-fans only

◆Black Jack 2 benefits

◆ – You will receive/be issued a BLACKJACK membership card

– Welcoming card (handwritten by 2NE1 members)

– Fanclub official GODDS (it should be GOODS) GIFT BOX

– Can participate in events such as (fan meeting, (video) conference, etc)

– Participate in live stages that are broadcasted such as music core, sbs inkigayo, and music bank

– During domestic and overseas concert you will have a chance to get priority seats.

– Usage of the BLACKZONE that is only available to fanclub members

– Send SMS, receive newsletters by email The window to register for official fanclubs are approximately one month. The membership usually is valid for a year, or in the case of hiatus’ the membership period will be extended.

Source: yg-2NE1.com
Translated by sieljjang @ygladies.com
Article by tazanya @ygladies.com
Posted by dajeonglee @ Dailykpopnews
Taken from Universal Records Philippines FB


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