[FAN ACCOUNT] Dara Fetch Chaerin at the Airport


CL & Dara at the Airport
Written by 햇살이다라 @ne-people.net | 2011/01/17 02:26

“Chae-Rin’s Day of Return (on the 17th) Dara Fetching Her At the Airport Story”

Since our lovely @knucklepink has decided to translate the post for us, (thank you so much Belle), here is the story of Dara fetching CL from the airport last January 17, 2011 when CL came back from her Paris trip! ♥ The original can be found here —> http://ne-people.net/bbs/view.php?id=2data&no=1928

“So the poster was lining up in the airport, then she saw something funny and wanted to share. She saw Sandara, who was wearing a hat and a hoodie.”

“She said that Dara looked like she had waited a long time at the area where the arriving passengers went through. AND SHE WAS HOLDING A PIECE OF PAPER WITH THE WORD “PUDONG” WRITTEN ON IT (TN: To those who don’t know, pudong means chubby. It is just an endearment that Dara uses for CL) ♥. It was for the leader who was arriving ke ke ke ke.”

“Then a woman with yellow hair, wearing sunglasses came through the gate, it was CL ke ke ke.”

Then the poster said, “WAH! It was my CL unnie ~ But I can’t call Sandara Park my older sister kekekeke she doesn’t look like it. Out of the two, CL exudes this force, makes her more mature. Dara is really so cute and nice to pick her up like that. CL is a lucky dongsaeng.” ♥

“CL looked surprised when she saw the “PUDONG” written on the paper.” ♥

And the fan account stopped there! ♥ Again, thanks to @knucklepink for the translations! I owe you lots already! ♥


Source: Ne-people

Written by 햇살이다라 @ne-people.net

Translated by&Credits: knucklepink@YGLadies + welovedara@twitter


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