[NEWS] Does YG Entertainment Have the Answer to Idol Groups Breaking Up?

Does YG Entertainment Have the Answer to Idol Groups Breaking Up?

Recently, a lot of us Kpop fans have noticed a decline in the Kpop industry due to ‘slave contracts’, misunderstandings, and companies said to have blatantly gone behind idols backs. With all the problems going on, it seems like YG Entertainment‘s president Yang Hyunsuk might have a solution.

Not too long ago, DBSK ended up splitting because of contract issues with their company, SM Entertainment. And now we found out that select members of girl group KARA requested a contract termination due to them being tricked into signing a Japanese contract under false pretenses, among other reasons. With the decline in trust between idols and their record companies, the Kpop industry could possibly fall to ruins. The focus lately has been creating new, popular, young groups to attract the eyes of fans; but what about mending the relationships with senior performers?

There’s a lot of controversy at to who’s in fault for the mistrust. Because we don’t know the direct story and weren’t involved in the entire problem, we can be swayed towards a certain side, depending on the actions reported. The entertainment says, “We suffered a lot just to make you guys,” and the members say, “we did everything that we could and it’s time to get paid for them.” But which side is wrong?

Although a lot of trust issues have popped up recently, YG Entertainment’s president Yang Hyunsuk has tried his best to set a good example by coming to agreements between the company and the artists as to not cause problems between the two. The solution is pretty simple; “Give the most of what they own,” Yang Hyunsuk said, which means to give his artists the creative license to show the world what they have. He also stated he doesn’t want to hide the members best qualities or techniques. Rather, he wants to showcase them.

Could this be a lesson to other record labels? By creating a bond between company and idol, could the trust issues finally dissolve? Whether or not it can fix anything, we as fans must stick together for the better of our idols. Let’s all wish them luck with everything!

Source: news.hanafos.com
Translation: id00b00 @kpoplive.com
Written by: Mercedes DeAnn @kpoplive.com
Taken from Universal Records Philippines FB

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