[LP21 SHOP] Purchase SEUNGRI’s VVIP Mini-Album and GD&TOP’s Album without a credit card!

NOTICE: ACCEPTING ORDERS UNTIL JANUARY 29, 2011 ONLY! Payments shall be made on or before the deadline.

LP21 SHOP is accepting orders for Seungri’s VVIP Mini-Album and GD&TOP’s Album.

We’re here to help those who don’t have a credit card to be able to purchase online. We also are fund raising for LET’s PLAY 2NE1. Purchase from us and you’ll help us realize our dream to go .COM in the near future and fund projects for 2NE1.

Note that we will be purchasing from YesAsia ot in other online shopping websites. Also, we are using there price as our basis for each item + shipping fee and for LP2NE1 funds.

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[FAN ACCOUNT] Dara Fetch Chaerin at the Airport


CL & Dara at the Airport
Written by 햇살이다라 @ne-people.net | 2011/01/17 02:26

“Chae-Rin’s Day of Return (on the 17th) Dara Fetching Her At the Airport Story”

Since our lovely @knucklepink has decided to translate the post for us, (thank you so much Belle), here is the story of Dara fetching CL from the airport last January 17, 2011 when CL came back from her Paris trip! ♥ The original can be found here —> http://ne-people.net/bbs/view.php?id=2data&no=1928

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[WRITERS SHOUTOUT] The Fanboy Lounge


One day, my mom discovered a couple of KPop albums stacked in my messy closet. She asked me if I was listening to them. When I said yes, she raised her eyebrow.

“I can’t remember enrolling you to any foreign language class.”

Then I answered, “Exactly. That’s why I can’t understand them.”

I know most of you can relate to this. Probably 80% of non-Korean KPop fans cannot speak nor understand Korean and yet listen and sing along Korean songs. Believe me, I’m trying to learn it but tutorials on Youtube aren’t as reliable as I expect them to be.

Among my friends, I probably am the only one who likes KPop a lot. I do find it unusual because KPop’s larger audience are composed of women. I mean, it’s undeniable that most groups target audience are women alone. Take DBSK for example who named their official fan club, Cassiopeia. Man, I wouldn’t wanna be called a Cassie. WTH! DBSK isn’t the only one, though. Wondergirls then came up with Wonderful. Wow! Wonderful! @.@

Then there’s SNSD with S♥NE (What’s wrong with the heart icon?!), FT Island with Primadonna (Seriously? Me? A Primadonna?!), Kara with Kamilia (What should you call me then? Kamille?) and finally, U-Kiss came up with Kiss Me (Oh please, U-Kiss, kiss me!!! WTF!).

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[NEWS] Does YG Entertainment Have the Answer to Idol Groups Breaking Up?

Does YG Entertainment Have the Answer to Idol Groups Breaking Up?

Recently, a lot of us Kpop fans have noticed a decline in the Kpop industry due to ‘slave contracts’, misunderstandings, and companies said to have blatantly gone behind idols backs. With all the problems going on, it seems like YG Entertainment‘s president Yang Hyunsuk might have a solution.

Not too long ago, DBSK ended up splitting because of contract issues with their company, SM Entertainment. And now we found out that select members of girl group KARA requested a contract termination due to them being tricked into signing a Japanese contract under false pretenses, among other reasons. With the decline in trust between idols and their record companies, the Kpop industry could possibly fall to ruins. The focus lately has been creating new, popular, young groups to attract the eyes of fans; but what about mending the relationships with senior performers?

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[NEWS] What makes YG Entertaiment different?

YG Boss, “I really hope Big Bang lasts a long time”

TVXQ, one of the top idol groups that started the idol Hallyu wave, is now being followed by KARA, the new leaders of the Hallyu wave in Japan, and both are on the verge of disbandment. The disputes between artist and company weren’t contained internally, and now they’ve ruptured the exportation of Korean culture.

The current Korean music industry is going all out in creating idol groups, as many are of the belief that there’s nothing better than a smart little idol group in achieving jackpot success overseas. H.O.T started the boom, and were followed by the successes of both Shinhwa and TVXQ. Unfortunately, the disturbing reality of the majority of these groups is that they don’t ‘stay whole’ forever.

Companies prepare years and millions of money in the creation of such idol groups, while the chosen members give up their youth for the success of the company’s future. With hundreds of new idol groups debuting a year, idols are lucky if they can get at least their song heard once to the public.

The efficacy of idol groups is now being put to the test, with companies emerging from the dark while complaining about their inability to create a profit, and top idols claiming that no matter how hard they danced and sang, they were “still cold and hungry.” Which side is speaking the truth?

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[NEWS] American DJ Diplo blogs about BIG BANG and 2NE1

American DJ Diplo Praises GD&TOP and 2NE1

Diplo who? You may have not heard of his work but American DJ/Producer/Songwriter has either remixed tracks or worked with artists such as for Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Bruno Mars, Madonna, Maroon 5, Radiohead, Kanye West, Gwen Stefani, MIA to name a few. In short, he’s one of the most sought after DJs around the world!

DJ Diplo blogged yesterday about breaking into the K-pop scene and dropped some huge compliments for not just our boys, but also the girls of 2NE1. Check out his blog post:

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[NEWS/110123] 2NE1’s official Fanclub is open for registration!

YG Entertainment Announces Registration for Blackjack 2 Fanclub

Today, YG Entertainmen announced the re-opening of registration for fans to join 2NE1’s Official Fanclub “Blackjack 2.” Fans who were unable to join the first generation of 2NE1’s fanclub (way back in November 2009) will now have that opportunity.