[PHOTOS] CL’s debut photos with her family

Here are some photos of  CL (Lee Chaerin) with her family before she debut and became the leader of 2NE1. As we can see, CL and her family are very close to each other and even shows how they do well on arts, seems its their bonding time together.

As we all know CL’s parents especially her father became popular as he’s known to be a professor from  a university and the one who made the bass robot from Can’t Nobody MV. And also known to be a understanding and cool father to CL.  See article post about CL’s father.
CL are very lucky to have such a nice family. Just take a look of the photos, it will prove it.


Photo Credit: 톡쏘는채린@DC2NE1

Written by: iamrekushi@Letsplay2NE1.wordpress.com


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