[NEWS] Can’t Nobody Chaku-MV Clips to be Released Today

Avex, 2NE1’s Japanese label, has posted an announcement providing additional details related to the release of Can’t Nobody (ENG). Avex will be releasing downloadable ringtones, ringback tones, and audio-visual clips of Can’t Nobody on January 19, 2011.

The exclusive site for this content is http://recochoku.jp/, currently this site does not handle overseas sales. We will work diligently to provide or locate sources for you to get this content. Hopefully, YGE uploads at least the video clips to 2NE1’s youtube channel.

Usually in the Japanese mobile market, audio ringtones are referred to as ‘Chaku-Uta‘ (Chaku-Song) and audio & visual ringtones/displays are referred to as ‘Chaku-Motion‘, but these are usually short clips. The announcement refers to “Chaku-MV” which we believe indicates a longer version of video content then just a few clips.

The Can’t Nobody (Eng Ver.) already plays in Shibuya, so it’s possible that this release will contain either the full music video for download or audio and visual clips related to the music video.

Disclaimer: Avex does literally say that the English version MV will be released, it is possible that only clips or portions of the MV will be released in conjunction with the audio clips.

Source: 2NE1 Avex Page
Translated by aleena @ygladies.com

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