[ME2DAY/110117] Dara and her ‘Apple Hair’



이번여행엔 여러가지 시도를 해봤어요…ㅋ^_^v 떠나기전날 급!꼬마눈꼬리 화장법과 사과머리 수업을받았어요ㅋ사과머리는 나름 갠찬지않아요?*^^*? 하지만..눈화장은..열심히해봤는데..ㅠ눈꼬리가 점점 길어지더니 관자놀이까지 올라온거같아서ㅋ열심히 선글이끼고다녔어요!ㅋ


i tried many things on this trip.. k ^_^v just the day b4 leaving, i had a class about lil tail of the eye makeup and an apple shaped hair kk doesn’t it look good? the apple hair? *^^*? but the eye makeup.. i tried hard..T.T but it was getting longer n longer and looked like it was up to my temple kk so I just wore sunglasses! kk


Source: Dara’s Me2day

Translation: HuisuYoon@21bangs.com



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