[NEWS] 2NE1′s Sandara Park – Gong Minji Communicate Through Telepathy?

Although they are apart from each other, girl group 2NE1 reveals that they think of each other still, as the friendship between members Sandara Park and Gong Minji catches the attention of netizens.

While taking a vacation before going back to their activities, 2NE1 member Sandara Park visited the place she once called home, the Philippines, while Gong Minji took a vacation at Jeju Island, as announced in their respective me2day accounts.

On her me2day, Minji posted on the 10th, “I bought this at the Bear museum! A cute rabbit-bear! ~ Ke ke! Going to give it to Dalong! Keke!” along with the text, a picture of a stuffed teddy bear in a rabbit suit was posted. Ssantoki is the girls’ nickname for Sandara Park, who resembles a rabbit.

On the same day, Sandara also updated her me2day with a picture of a sea lion doll, “I got this sea lion earlier when I went to see a Dolphin show. They were selling souvenirs, and there were otters and seals, and others. I saw a doll that resembled our cute Minkki, so I bought it! Oh, so cute! Mingkki, this is your gift!”

While enjoying their holiday apart, it seems like the members are keeping each other in mind, making netizens who read the updates give a heartwarming smile.

Fans say, “It seems like these two are speaking through telepathy,” “Do you think they brought the other members cute dolls too?” “Aw, the exchange is so cute! The dolls are cute too!” “Even when they are apart, they show that they love each other so much,” showing a warm response.


Source: Nate News

Translation by: BlackjackBelle@ohdara.wordpress.com

Taken from: ohdara.wordpress.com



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