2NE1 ミュージックビデオ・セレクション

12月1日(水) 20:00~20:30(P)
12月2日(木) 9:30~10:00
12月3日(金) 10:00~10:30


2NE1 on MTV Japan


11.02.12 20:00 ~ 20:30 (P)

11.02.12 9:30 ~ 10:00

11.03.12 10:00 ~ 10:30


source: 2NE1.jp



One thought on “[NEWS] 2NE1 on MTV JAPAN

  1. the japanese text says they were on mtv last year the first, second and third of december. i also looked up if last years december was a wednesday, because 水 (sui) means that, and indeed, this must have been last year.

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