[GOODIE#5] Santokki on Etude House

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[PHOTO] Dara with Entertainment Weekly reporter, Chae Sung Hun

Credits: DC2NE1 + 21bangs.com

[ME2DAY/110112] Dara updates a photo of CL in Paris and wants to eat some pasta


2nd update


It’s CL~!^.^ Hello! *President?*!(__) Only CL sees me as president! ^_^V CL has some troubles~ Before, so stylish! Kkyak! Bounjour~!!! ^.^/


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[NEWS] 2NE1 featured in Looklet Magazine


A great musical force is about to sweep over the western world in 2011 and “New Evolution of the 21th Century” is the K-pop girl group from Korea that’s going to blow our minds!



The talented all girl power-group 2NE1 are already huge in Korea and are about to take over the rest of the world. How can we be so sure? From what we’ve heard Black Eyed Peas’ Will I am has been working with the girls release in America, and that’s a sure ticket to great success. We’re already in love with their ultra-styled, fashionable, funky looks and the coolest hairstyles we ever saw (their stylist must be working overload!). Featuring expensive and highly produced music videos with smashing choreography and over the top styling, these girls are about to knock you of your chair!


Source: Looklet.com


***Looklet is an online fashion magazine and the worlds first digital styling studio

[ME2DAY/110112] Dara reports her beautiful vacation



Whassup?!? This is Dara reporter, on the scene of a beautiful place just like in a manga!(__) Bow~! However! I’m going to introduce someone who’s going to a place with a completely opposite atmosphere~ Who will~it! turn out to be???^^

Source: Dara’s Me2day

Translation: Gee@YGLadies.com