[NEWS] Famous producers worldwide give YG Entertainment some love~

Will.I.Am recently tweeted about how excited he is in finishing 2NE1’s album. However, let’s see how the other famous producers think of their company’s artists. What is the probability of YG artists succeeding in the US? State your opinions as comments below!

Out of the three major Korean music agencies, YG Entertainment has been receiving the spotlight of famous producers from the states, as their music is centered around hip hop, unlike SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment.

The current musicians sending their love calls over to YGE are Will.I.Am, Jeremy Scott, and Diplo.  There’s also a wide variety in that some are singers, composers, and DJS.  Many large-scale producers and agencies are also said to be waiting for YG artists such as Big Bang and 2NE1 to debut in the states.

Through such support, YG has been speeding up their efforts in advancing into the international market.  Both Big Bang and 2NE1 announced that they’d be focusing on the Japanese market, while CEO Yang Hyun Suk is in under the table discussions with representatives in the U.S.

2NE1 also finalized their first official album productions in the states, and it seems like Big Bang, who’s scheduled to release a new album in February, will be preparing themselves through the same route.

Why are so many American musicians reacting so intensely to YG’s music?  Many have speculated the reason to be YG consistently releasing Big Bang and 2NE1 to the public all over the world, by uploading songs and music videos through YouTube and iTunes.

Taeyang and T.O.P’s solo albums were all released on iTunes and ranked in at the top in the hip hop category.  2NE1’s YouTube music videos also earned millions of views.  Without any official promotions, YG managed to attract Will.I.Am and other top class musicians by just working with new music venues.

Big Bang’s first sub-unit, GD&TOP, also received praise from the internationally famous DJ and music producer, Diplo (Thomas Wesley Pentz).  On January 5th, he linked to the “Knock Out” music video and wrote, “Half a million views in 1 day? I’m gonna move to Korea and produce more music like this.

Source: Osen via Naver
Taken from: ALLKPOP.com


7 thoughts on “[NEWS] Famous producers worldwide give YG Entertainment some love~

  1. i hope 2ne1 conquer the U.S…. and actually i just read an article about the “75 most anticipated albums of 2011” and they are at #12…. so hoping they can…

  2. oh so DIPLO actually worked on Knock Out? I thought he was just mentioned. YG definitely has some BIG TIME connections. :)

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