[NEWS] Information About CL’s Father, Revealed!


Many Blackjacks are aware of the close bond that 2NE1’s CL shares with her family, but little was known about them, especially her father.

Recently, it was discovered that CL’s father, Lee Ki Jin, works as a Physics professor at Seogang University. He had even drawn a picture book for his two daughters, CL and Ha Rin! Her father had also constructed the infamous bass robots used in 2NE1’s “Can’t Nobody” music video.

After unearthing details about her father, netizens commented, “Now that I think about it, she’s a mother’s friend’s daughter” (the girl you never want to be compared to by your mother), “I don’t think there’s anything she would be envious of”, and “CL has always been a superior type.”


Source: Xsports via Daum Media

Credits: Allkpop



[ME2DAY/110109] 2NE1’s Maknae, Minzy is out for a vacation


Where do you think this is?!ㅋㅋ Minzy is free and enjoying full peace here~~~^_^ Kkyahaha~ Really love it!!


Source: Minzy’s Me2day

Translated by: AA-CHAN

Capped by: iamrekushi@letsplay2ne1.wordpress.com

[NEWS] Famous producers worldwide give YG Entertainment some love~

Will.I.Am recently tweeted about how excited he is in finishing 2NE1’s album. However, let’s see how the other famous producers think of their company’s artists. What is the probability of YG artists succeeding in the US? State your opinions as comments below!

Out of the three major Korean music agencies, YG Entertainment has been receiving the spotlight of famous producers from the states, as their music is centered around hip hop, unlike SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment.

The current musicians sending their love calls over to YGE are Will.I.Am, Jeremy Scott, and Diplo.  There’s also a wide variety in that some are singers, composers, and DJS.  Many large-scale producers and agencies are also said to be waiting for YG artists such as Big Bang and 2NE1 to debut in the states. Continue reading

[NEWS] Is the ‘Bong Dancer’ dissing Minzy?

Singer IU’s back dancer is gaining a lot of attention from the netizens.

Every time IU’s cute stage in on, one male back dancer would always stand next to her and put on various playful expressions and have gained a lot of attention.

He’s been called “Bong Dancer” because he looks like the actor, Bong Tae Gyu and he’s been doing many couple dances with IU, making all the uncle fans jealous.

But on his mini hompie, he uploaded a picture of himself and wrote a nickname that dissed 2NE1′s member Minzy and have been receiving comments from the netizens. Continue reading

[TWITTER] Will.i.am,”I can’t wait to finish the 2NE1 album”

As we all know, Will.i.am had worked with 2NE1 with several awesome songs we got to hear from 2NE1TV for their album.
Blackjacks has been anticipating for the album and a fan tweeted to Will.i.am aka iamwill on twitter asking about it.

Continue reading

[ME2DAY/110109] Minzy gets a breather after going to church!



I went to church~^_^ Fresh air~! Kyahaha~~ keke


Source: Minzy’s Me2day
Translated by: kimchi hana@YGLadies.com
Capped by: iamrekushi@letsplay2ne1.wordpress.com