[VIDEO] tvN ENEWS- 2NE1 interview

2NE1 during CJ Group CF being interviewed by tvN ENEWS.
I can’t understand korean, but I’m guessing the topic is which animal best represent each of them.
Bom as bomtaro & bomtory(?), CL (Lion), Sandara (Santokki), and Minzy (?)
If I got it wrong, please do leave a comment for correction. Thanks!

Here’s the interview:

Uploaded by: dctokchae@YT

왜 떴을까http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuYPE5PkU_c


4 thoughts on “[VIDEO] tvN ENEWS- 2NE1 interview

  1. From what I can understand, CL said that they resemble animals more than people.

    Bom = Hamster (tori)
    CL = Lion (saja)
    Dara = Rabbit (tokki)
    Minji = Otter (sudal) (CL first said seal – mulgae)

    CL then said: Those are the things we resemble.

    Text on screen says Its their animal family.

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