[NEWS] VIPs VS Blackjacks! kFans are in conflict!

It Ain’t All sunshine and rainbows in the YG Family Land..

YG Entertainment’s fandom has shown an alarming increase of “infighting,” that is, fans fighting against fans.

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This is due to the rising conflict between Big Bang fans and 2NE1 fans. Big Bang fans, are said to be the head of conflict, by saying that YG Entertainment CEO, Yang Hyun-Suk has “2NE1 favoritism.” There was mounting frustration against YGE when they declared that no YG Family member would be attending the December 30 “KBS Gayo Daejun,” by declaring a boycott. Because of this, rumors that Big Bang sub-unit composed of G-Dragon and TOP, who are doing their promotional activities for their “GTOP” album, may not be appearing in KBS2 “Music Bank,” because of the situation.

Big Bang fans have posted their discontent on various entertainment-related bulletin boards, saying things like, “Last year, the most active group from YG is 2NE1, and they went to all music programs. But now because of their boycott against the KBS Gayo Daejun, G-Dragon and TOP’s promotions might suffer damages! Why is Yang Hyun-Suk, the president of YG Entertainment, showing favoritism towards 2NE1, last 2010?” expressing their dissatisfaction.

Conscious of the backlash against their December 30 boycott, YG CEO Yang Hyun-Suk made a statement through their blog, “YG’s reason on refraining artists from TV appearances.” In this article, it was stated, “The reason behind why YG reduces TV appearances is because of our concern for our artists. Especially for 2NE1, if they are set to appear in a show, they have to start early in the morning, at two o’clock, just to get their hair and make-up ready, and then have to rush to the studio for rehearsals, causing them to have little sleep. And if they have other schedules the night or the day before, then it gets more tiring,” he said.

But this article brought more dissatisfaction for Big Bang fans. Fans said, “So it’s because 2NE1 needs elaborate hair and make-up. So because of that, Big Bang’s 2 members’ activities will become endangered,” they retorted.

Big Bang rose to popularity because of hits like “Lies,” and “Last Goodbye,” joining the ranks of other popular YG artists like Se7en and Gummy.

CREDIT: http://news.nate.com/view/20110103n07936
Translated by: knucklepink@YGLadies.com



9 thoughts on “[NEWS] VIPs VS Blackjacks! kFans are in conflict!

  1. as much as i wanted them to appear frequently on variety/tv shows, i’d rather want YG artists to stay healthy and energized. it’s fine with me if they appear less, coz whenever they do appear, they ALWAYS bring the house down! they rock all their tv appearances! i wouldn’t want to see them every second in every channel looking dreadfully tired and all, plus it will remove the element of SURPRISE… i don’t want them to be OVEREXPOSED! :)

  2. this is plain stupid. YG family is a FAMILY for crying out loud. this is just some illogical ploy to divide the YG artists who are like sisters and brothers to each other.

    also, from what I have read and watched, Big Bang is going to have a comeback but it depends on the boys themselves. BB wants to surpass the music they made in the past, thus, they are still waiting for the right time to really make a comeback and by that time I know that it would be super daebak with all the YG artists rooting for them. Woot woot! For now, maybe its better to support the YG artists who are active (like 2ne1 and GD&TOP unit) and who will be active soon (Seungri!).


  3. THe root of the fan war… sadly… the arguments are unfounded. It does not even get a logical explanation on how you are supposed to give more favoritism to the one you tire out more. insane. logically challenged kids. too much hate. live the Hippie life… peace and love, babies. We all like music here. and to shove it down to your throats unbelievers, Sir YG is by far the most humane leader in the music industry, as said in the interview, they are testing new waters, a scheme about ratio of sales over appearance frequency. He said that the sales could end up a little lesser, but his artists end up a little more healthier. :)) PLEASE NO HATES. LOVE ALL YG ARTISTS and other artists regardless of label. Its the music were after.

  4. Wow. Fans might sometimes be too unreasonable. Don’t the fans think that girls are naturally more prone to stress and fatigue??? THEY ARE FEMALES! Geez. How can they compare 2NE1 with males. >:/
    and!!! GD also made SUCCESSFUL promo last year. All i can do is sigh.
    i honestly think that they are bigbang’s hardcore fans. Or just trolls. But whatever. I will continue supporting YG artists. 2NE1 jjang! Bigbang Se7en Gummy Psy jjang!

  5. i think ..if an idol will appear more in more in a tv program etc… it will lessen their popularity because of too much appearance, and they will be tired.. since they are busy preparing for their album in overseas like US, and in asia,, and the highlight s they are still a rookie..
    Please papa YG!!! more tv appearance of 2NE1!! <3

  6. imust admit this is quite true lol.. ijus hate how yg doesnt let our bigbang and 2ne1 appear much in TV :( pls YG!! dont be too stingy :p

  7. I’m a VIP and and I love all YG artists… We can’t blame those VIPs who posted this one because even I was frustrated that time when YG decided to postpone BigBang’s Comeback. I guess the frustration of not seeing the comeback last year really hit these VIPs… But I know for sure that BlackJacks and VIPs are one… I hope this conflict will end soon… ^_^ YG Fam forever! ^_^

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