|Videos| 2ne1 @ SBS Gayo Daejun 2010


Cut from the opening show,  kids danced to different songs from this year’s top artists


Go Away remix


2ne1 & Kim Gun Mo – It Hurts


2ne1 & Kim Gun Mo – I can’t help falling in love with you


2ne1 & Kim Gun Mo – Excuse




Cr: Jackhklee5, CodeAnalysisSeason2, CrazyCarrot360 @ YT & CrazyxCami @ Vimeo


5 thoughts on “|Videos| 2ne1 @ SBS Gayo Daejun 2010

  1. lol… i really love their remix of “go away” the way CL-roo “punched and beat” young don (her kwon partner) I can totally imagine all the male idols with their eyes like this O.O LOL thinking ” sh** i would never ever try to mess with her or any 2ne1 member or i’d end up like that” hahah it was fierce yet so funny and cute at the same time waah!! though i wished they didn’t changed Dara and young deuk (the other kwon) “hugging scene”..hmmm… maybe to not make her idol fanboys jealous much?

    and waht makes 2ne1 amazing when they do renditions of other songs is they don’t stick to the original rythm but sang it as it its their own…waah!! 2ne1 really is daebak!! ^.^

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