|VIDEO| Dara Mentioned in Double Trouble’s song “Hold On”

Looks like Dara is really popular with the boys!

Double Trouble, A hip hop duo which debut last year recently came out with a song featuring Swings ( Who worked with Taeyang on After You Fall Asleep from his Solar album) and Verbal Jint (what we thought was Bubble Zint) in a song called Hold On.

Listen at 02:30 where the words “Sandara Park” were clearly mentioned.

Hold On (너 잠깐만) – Double Trouble Feat. Verbal Jint, Swings

Translation of that part:

내 Rap이 진짜 산다라박 넌 기고

To my raps, you really contribute, Sandara Park

(The verse is by one of the members of Double Trouble)


Reuploaded by: miameeya @ Youtube

Just for kicks, here’s TV Star ft. Hwayobi and Supreme Team. I’ve loved this song ever since this came out. I hope you guys listen to it and like it too!

CREDIT: NoMusicNoLife2010 @ Youtube



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