Updated! |Me2day/101229| Dara: “Wassup?”

와쌉?! ^.^ 씨엘빠 회장 다라입니다! (__) ㅋㅋ씨엘씨 완젼 귀여운거알아요?? 무대모습만 보면 되게 시크해보이는데 평소모습은 안그런거알죠? 따듯하고 귀여운아이랍니다! 비록 컴맹이라 팬들과 소통할 기회가 많이없어서 표현도 자주하지못하지만..ㅋ마음은안그런듯ㅋ얼마전!


Translation: Wassup? ^.^ CL president Dara! (__) ㅋㅋ Totally cute like CL, right?? *About only seeing her features on stage and not the real thing*? Pick the kid that’s warm and cute! *Something about fans not being able to do something*..ㅋ My feeling a little while ago!


크리스마스날 팬들에게 선물과 편지들을 받았나봐요, 항상 고마워하지만 그날따라 유난히 감동을받았는지ㅋ저한테 오더니 굉장히 쑥스러워하며 "언니…너무 고마운데 어떡게 말해야되죠? 어떡게 표현할지 모르겠어용..간질간질거려요! >.<“ 두둥…ㅋㅋ완젼 귀요미!!!ㅋㅋㅋ

Translation: As always, we’re thankful for the Christmas letters set by fansㅋ One such message came to me and said, “Unni…I’m too grateful. How can I tell you? I just don’t know.. >.<” Dundun…ㅋㅋ Totally cute!!!ㅋㅋㅋ


Text update only:

Translation: I escaped to my own room!ㅋㅋㅋ The expression and eye color…ㅋ *About CL doing activities with everyone*!^_^V CL wrote the mail by hand and thought about it! CL is showing her charm again~ Is there no end to her charm???ㅋ


Source: Dara’s me2day

Translations: AA-Chan


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