|News/101124| Black Eyed Peas and YG have a same countdown?

So what does this mean?

You know  we have been getting lots of news and videos about 2NE1 working with Black Eyed Peas.
Now, Black Eyed Peas is coming out with a new album, “The Beginning” on November 30th and they even set up a countdown in their official website that looks similar with YG’s countdown posted via YG-Life blog..


So, does this mean 2NE1 is featured in Black Eyed Peas’ new album “The Beginning”?

Let’s wait and see on November 30th..

Also, here’s one of the songs in the album, “The Beginning”..
It’s “Do it Like this”

While listening to it, what catch my attention was the verse of Will.I.Am(0:43-0:44)

Source: Blackeyedpeas.com / yg-life.com
Video: RapLikeMagic@YT

What do you guys think?

17 thoughts on “|News/101124| Black Eyed Peas and YG have a same countdown?

  1. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope you article again soon.

  2. ok i lied…. i previewed the BEP album on rhapsody, and the long you long time seems like a incredibly autotuned fergie… **heartbreak** I didn’t listen to each song entirely since it just seemed like it was will i am autotuned, and some bits of fergie… such a dissapointment…


    this only works for people in the U.S, if you want to hear the BEP album

  3. blackjacks,please vote for 2ne1 for 26th annual ‘korea best dresser’ at clebus.com~i cant understand a single thing from that site(korea language and u need an account though)~i hope this site’s translators help us~thanks~
    back to the topic,i cant wait for everything that’s gonna be happened on 29th nov~i hope it’s more to the big bang’s comeback or 2ne1’s us/japan album,collab with BEP,yes yes yes~

  4. From what I can hear. (not really that well since the the background music is really loud). This is from 0:40 to 0:50.

    I’m straight killin who…(something)
    2NE/21and over aint messin with ju(something)
    always talking about ‘I ain’t no groupie’

  5. I’m kinda thinkin it might be a featuring with black eyed peas or something just to introduce them to the u.s market.
    isn’t there an interview/news that 2ne1 will find a way to be active on both 3 countries?u know somethin like that.hehe.either way can’t wait til nov 30 :)

  6. 2NE1 really have a debute with B.E.P especially Will.I.Am (as a producer?)
    have you seen 2NE1TV season 2? watch it!
    in 2NE1TV season 2 last story, they (2NE1) made a MV with lego, but i don’t know what tittle of the song

    • Yes I also saw the last episode. Maybe the video they were making is for the concert. You know how usually they show videos in concerts….just my thought ;)

  7. A featuring will be good…it’s a good introduction for the girls…but they should follow it up w/ a promotion quickly…u know—better to strike while its still hot….

  8. Me I was thinking that it w and was for GD and TOP since they were fiming a mv together!!!! I think that mv is just for distray us that we wil not be bored of waiting!!! But I wasn’t thinking it for 2ne1’s!!!^^

  9. well, i think maybe the girls had a little featuring in BEP’s upcoming album?!!
    I definitely don’t think they will have a US debut before their Japan debut,
    so….that’s my opinion^^
    good luck to the girls with whatever things happen!

    p.s. maybe the countdown is for Bigbang, woohoo!^^

  10. hmm.. i don’t think 2ne1 debut in U.S is possible for 2011… japan debut yes but U.S? nah… YG isn’t the type who overworks his artists by having them debut in different countries at the same time like what JYP & SM do with theirs… and Will’s part @ 0:43 doesn’t mean the girls… i’ve looked up the lyrics and it says “21 and over” so its means the age of girls not 2ne1 the girlgroup..hmm.. but im hoping they do have a featuring in B.E.P’s new album…that would be awesome not to mention fans of BEP who’s not into k-pop will be curious about the girls and will eventually be their fans because of their awesomeness ^.^

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      • yup.. MAMA practice and YG concert practice ^.^ im actually quite worried cause they have to practice different set of performances for 2 big events and im a little relieved that they stopped their “it hurts” promotions…they need a little break.. and im having thoughts that their MAMA performance won’t be as elaborate and big as last year coz they’ll focus more on YG concert right? though we know for sure that they’ll be awesome with any performance…be it elaborate or not coz they are 2ne1!! ^.^

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