|Promoted| Fashion lovers? Big21 Fashion shop is here

The official website of Big21 Fashion Shop is www.big21shop.com
Do follow their Twitter (Big21Fashion) for any updates!!!
Extra information: Items sold can be shipped to certain countries only.
All original items will be notified ‘Original’.
Love 2NE1 and Big Bang, style? Big21 Fashion Shop is currently selling mostly items from Hellz Bellz, Pastry Footwear, New Era caps, Miss Wax accessories and Cheap Monday tops.
and guess what? They recently held a sale promotion for all customers http://www.big21shop.com/search/label/Promotion. They’re extending the sale till Nov 15th (4 more days) in which we will have a contest on our Official Facebook page where a winner will get a 50% discount.
Info regarding the competition is on our Facebook page
You heard that right it’s Facebook Tag Contest!!!
Follow Big21 Fashion official Facebook contest and win 50% discount on any item you wish to purchase!!! It’s easy and fun!!!
How to win?
1) Like our Big21Shop Facebook fanpage
2) Go to our Tag Yourself photo album
3) Tag yourself on any or all pictures in the album
4) Winner will be randomly pick
5) 5 consolation winners will receive 20% discount voucher
6) Winners will be pick randomly
Contest ends 15th Nov 2010!!!
More background about Big21 Fashion shop

BIG21 Fashion Evolution; a website that caters the fashion and style of two of South Korea’s big groups Big Bang and 2NE1, are introducing our own official online shop; Big21 Fashion Shop, which will feature brands and designers’ items worn by both groups, their official merchandise from YG Entertainment Shop as well as substitute and designer inspired items that are more affordable for VIPs and Blackjacks around the world. Currently, we already feature items from our partners Pastry Sneakers, New Era and Miss Wax. There will be more items to be on sale soon such as footwear, accessories as well as clothes. In addition to selling items that Big Bang and 2NE1 have worn before, we will also feature items of our design that might interests the unconventional fashionable fans of Big Bang and 2NE1. Our concept of design will be of future trends and unconventional styles.

Official Partners’ Distributor & Welfare Campaign

With the growing fan groups committed to both groups, Big21 Fashion Shop are more than happy to welcome any kind of distribution and partnership service for our partners who wishes to sell their own merchandise as well.

Big21 Fashion Shop has established a solid partnership with a few Non-Profit Organizations around Asia; SPCA Malaysia and WWF Asia. We are still trying to establish more welfare partnerships with other welfare bodies around the world. In order to assist these welfares, we are giving 15% of our profit revenues to their campaigns. The reason of establishing partnerships with online Big Bang and 2NE1 fan sites as well as the welfare campaigns is our way to contribute to the community in which everyone here believe of the powerful voice of today’s youth.


One thought on “|Promoted| Fashion lovers? Big21 Fashion shop is here

  1. where can I buy those pastry shoes worn by 2ne1?? I’m from the Philippines and I’m really dying to have one.. is the american size the same with the shoes here at Phil?? could someone answer my question.. thanks pwinceza_ptc@yahoo.com

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