|ME2DAY/102310| Dara: Drawing of 2NE1 riding KTX

i think they’re riding a train.. the one w/palm hair is Dara, and the one that eats corn is Bommie and the other one is CL and Minzy.

CL’s drawing is so cuteeee! ^ – ^

original message: Ktx에서의 두시간을 즐겁게보내기위해 그림그리기를 시작한 아가린 ㅋ 수달 닮은 밍끼 그리기를 햇는데 오른쪽이 채린이가 그린거구 왼쪽이 내가 그린거에요! 주제는 기차탄 수달밍끼!ㅋ 여러분의 선택은? 한장의 사진만이 밍끼에게 전달될수있습니다!ㅋㅋㅋ골라쥬세요!^.^

Translation & another one —->>>



|ME2DAY/102310| Dara updates with a photo of Baddest Female

original message: 오늘 초큼 우울해보이는 씨에루…ㅠㅠ 씨에루의 기분이 좋아지려면 어떡게 해야될까요?!? 우린 지금 ktx 타고 구미로 이동중~!ㅋ 씨에루는 쿠키를 냠냠! 아가린 ktx 첨타봣다고 촌스럽다고 내가 놀렷어요!!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


|Video/101023| 2NE1’s new 11ST CF (15 vers.)

Here’s what we’ve been waiting for.. 2NE1’s new 11st CF.
What do you think about it?  Imagine yourself being in that boy’s position.
I would hug all of them. keke^^

Source: ZOMBIE1@egloos
reuploaded by: LP21the3rd@YT


|Me2day/101023| Dara: Cute beanie of Dara…

와쌉?!? 우리 숙소 이사간날밤 멤바들이랑 가구 사러갔다가 찰칵! ^.^ 새숙소는 어떤지! 네명의 멤바들이 어떡게 나뉘어 살게될지? 내가 봄주인의 작은방에 잠시 세들어살게된 이유는? ㅋ 다 투애니원 티비로 확인할수있어용! 아우~ 이사는 역시 힘드뤄어~!ㅋㅋㅋ

Translation: Wassup?!? On the second night since we moved apartments, I went out to buy furniture with the members and took this picture! ^.^ How does our new apartment look! How will we split it between us? Why am I taking over a small space in Bom’s room? ㅋ Find out on 2NE1TV! Wow~ As expected, moving is tough~!ㅋㅋㅋ

Source: Dara’s Me2day

Translated by: AA-CHAN

Cute Dara with her beanie and what is she doing with that basket?..