|ARTICLE| 2ne1’s Album: To Anyone Trend Report by Mnet

The typhoon of a girl group that is 2ne1 has taken the world by storm with their first full-length album: To Anyone. Thousands of fans all over the world have talked about the album that has defied the Kpop Girl Group norms. These charismatic girls with their androgynous feel has captured the hearts of Korean bigshots and celebrities in the west as well. From Will.I.Am to Jeremy Scott, the list goes on. But let us look at the Korean market. How popular is 2ne1 among the ordinary Korean population?

According to Mnet, one of Korea’s top networks, 47% of 2ne1’s fans are male while the remainig 52% are female. It has been evident and emphasized that 2ne1’s niche market has always been the female population because of the ‘Miss Independent Theme’ that is engraved in 2ne1’s style. As the popular Gag Concert character Wang Biho implied: Other girl groups beg guys to notice them yet 2ne1 tells them “I Don’t Care” and “Go Away.”

What is more surprising is that majority of 2ne1’s fans are from the 30 – 39 year old age group. The number of single women from this age group has been steadily increasing in Korea as it has become the perfect environment for a woman to pursue her dreams. Women in Korea have chosen to reach their dreams, and 2ne1 songs with lyrics like “Can’t nobody hold us down” (Can’t Nobody) or “I’m busy, let me go! Let go of my hand please, I’m really not interested” (I’m Busy) encourage these women to go and not let gender hinder their pursuit of success.

In relation to that, the teen market comprises 25% of their fans. 20-29 year olds are 26% of their fan base and 18% are 40 years old and above.

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4 thoughts on “|ARTICLE| 2ne1’s Album: To Anyone Trend Report by Mnet

  1. It’s only natural that we put the word ‘girl group’ in articles about 2ne1 because they are a girl group.
    Yes people know about them in many countries and it is said in the article. And a way to describe them is by saying that they are a girl group.
    Of course, This blog is not only for people who already know about 2ne1 but also for those who just discovered them and are only learning about them now.

    It’s the same as saying “Asian pop star, Rain” or “Actress Goo Hye Soon” or “boy band N*sync”

    I hope it clears things up for you :)

  2. somebody still add “girl group” word in 2ne1’s articles this irritates me already every body knows them even in other countries not only asiabut also us , mexico ….

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