|Me2day/101031| Dara shares a scene from 2ne1tv, where are they?

울 랙잭이들 위해서 귀요미사진 한장 투척~!^.^ 투애니원 티비 한장면이에요! 기대되죠?!?ㅋ 이번주도 귀엽고 재밋는 장면들이 넘 많다구요!!! 밍끼 죽어도 못탄다는거 우리가 납치해가서 태운거에요 근데 표정은 리다랑 봄이가 더 무서워하는듯???ㅋㅋㅋ 아이고 배야~!!!

Translation: *A picture for sad BlackJacks>*~!^.^ One scene from 2NE1 TV! Are you excited?!?ㅋ Silent cut from what will be more cute scenes this week!!! *About Minji, CL and Bom being scared of something.*??? Aigo~!!!


Source: Dara’s Me2day

Translation : AA_Chan


|PICTURES| 2ne1 It Hurts Ist Performance Screen Caps

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|Twitter/101031| 11ST: Behind the Scene and Banners

2NE1이 11번가 명예 사원증을 받고 경매 이벤트 촬영장에서 담소를 나누고 있습니다! 인증은 천천히 올릴께요^^ RT @hiproach: 퉤니원티비찍는중ㅋ 채린양하고 사진찍었지만 너무아빠미소라 비공개ㅋㅋ

One more under the cut..

|VIDEO| Dara Promotes MAMA in Filipino

MNet is clearly trying to widen MAMA’s reach this year with moving the venue to Macau and broadcasting the awards live over various TV Networks across Asia. Now, MNet uses Dara to promote the 2010 MAMA to Filipinos. Check out the video here:


: Hello, how are you?
: Why’d you call?
: Who? Taeyang? Why?
: ah~ MAMA!
: Yes, we’re going to Macau too.
: Did you vote?
: Did you vote for 2NE1?
: Ok, i’ll take a look.
: 2010MAMA.com
: Vote now to 2010MAMA.COM and you can also vote on Shilla Internet Duty Free

video and translation by MYvanillaTEE at YT