[BUY/ORDER] 2NE1 – To Anyone Posters!

Photo credit: YESASIA

I know some of you have purchased 2NE1-To Anyone Full albums w/o the limited posters. But now, Let’s Play 2NE1 is now selling Posters!

The Price:

Php 500



1. Fill up the form below.


Location (Please indicate the House number,  Street, Barangay, City, Province, Zip Code. Make sure you give the EXACT address):

Contact Number:

No. of Posters:

Mode of Payment:

2. Mode of Payment

BDO Cash Deposit, LBC,  ML Kwarta Padala or GCash


1.Send the form via SMS and Email to 09064029924 and letsplay2ne1@live.com


28 thoughts on “[BUY/ORDER] 2NE1 – To Anyone Posters!


  2. ahmmm…do you do meet up??>.<…i really want a 2ne1 album…
    can i ask you guys..cause i meet someone who have an album she's selling it to me for 850 php..
    is that a reasonable price..? cause i don't know the real price..

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  4. I have a question. Do you guys take other orders besides the poster (etc)?
    YGeShop has an item I REALLY want/need. It’s BANG★S 바디 필로우 (translated
    BANG ★ S Body Pillow). I want to register, but I’m not old enough and my mom definitely does not like the idea of giving away our social security number or passport (although, I heard you can give them your Drivers License, but I don’t know if that’s safe ether) and I agree with her.

    Also, I know this is a 2NE1 fan website, but If you can give me any helpful information that would be great, thanks.
    *sigh* I just really want this as a Christmas present so bad~ (>.<) …

    • Hey, I have a YGeShop account.But I really, really don’t know how to use it and to buy from there.
      I used my bestfriend’s Social Security Number and yeah, I know he must have hated me for not being able to use it.

      Maybe Yesasia has it?

    • lol. if you want to order then order d album. But I will not know who’s who in the yg family card. I can’t open and check all of them.lol.
      And I can reserve one poster dearie. :D

      • ..hahaha. thanks for reserving ü. i need to follow the steps above in order to order the poster right?

        regarding the other issue, i already have the full album but i got cl’s yg family card, not that i don’t like cl ( she’s awesome and fierce and cool.. yeah!) but i really(badly!) wanted the bom one. hahahaha.. do anyone of you admins have the bom yg family card? have mercy on me!!! hahaha.. thanks for the immediate response. 2ne1 nolja! blackjack forver!


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