UPDATED! |VIDEOS| 2ne1TV Season 2 Episode 3!

Dara’s fear of flying

Parts 2 to 5! Clicky!!


|VIDEOS| Bom cuts on 2ne1TV

Bom’s Catchphrase!

Bom buying Flowers (check out her cute English!)

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|VIDEOS| Dara Sheds Black Tears + A Greeting From Tamtam


CREDIT: Liedson★ @ DC2ne1

So sorry but I'm having trouble downloading and
reuploading it on our LP21the2nd youtube account.
I'm still trying but enjoy these for now!


|PICTURE| Bomtokki & Santokki Minigame Characters?

Cute Friends!

2ne1 Ssantokki and Bomtokki (tokki means rabbit)

Rabbits at  5 nationwide Minigames!

cute rabbit friends! *wobblewobble*

kBlackjacks themselves are wondering if this is just a coincidence or if it’s legit. No news yet as to whether Dara and Bom have been asked to endorse any minigame.

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|ME2DAY| Watch 2ne1TV if you have an hour!

이제 한시간뒤면 투애니원 티비가 합니다!!!지금 우린 음악프로 녹화왔어용~!^.^ ㅋㅋ어딜가나 정말 엠넷찾아내서 닥본사할라고 틀어놨더니 애들이 날 멋있게보는거같아요!ㅋ아!!!이번쥬 닥본사할거 추가! 스케치북이랑 초콜렛도 나옵니다! 닥본사 고고고~! ^_* 유후~!

In an hour, please watch 2ne1TV!!! Now we came to do some pro music recording~!^,^ ke ke. Me tuning in to Mnet to watch it live, The kids watching me think it’s cool! ke Ahh!!! One more thing, Sketchbook (Yoo Hui Yeol’s Sketchbook) and Chocolate (KJE’s Chocolate) will come out! Watch live Go Go GO~! ^_* Yoohoo~!

CREDIT: 21DARA @ Me2day

*I have no Idea what Dakbonsa means but she mentions it 3 times in this update! Again rough translations, i’m still learning, bear with me.. >.<


UPDATED! |CHARTS/100928| All 3 Title Tracks at Nate Ringtone Chart!

All three of 2ne1’s title tracks are on the top 15 of Nate’s ringtone charts! ‘Go Away’ is in the top spot followed closely by “Can’t Nobody’ at third place while ‘Clap Your Hands is at number fifteen.

Weekly and Monthly charts! Clicky!!

UPDATED! |PICTURES| Ambassadors for Law and Order

I’m not entirely sure yet of the news but it seems that 2ne1 has been chosen as Ambassadors for Law and Order. We will update you as soon as we get proper information. They performed ‘Can’t Nobody’ and ‘I Don’t Care’ and sang a song with Rainbow Choir. In addition, Bom said: “We have received a lot of love from the public and we will do our best to promote law and order.”

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    Classy 2ne1 in suits! Clicky!!

|News| Available in Itunes app store: 2NE1- “To Anyone”

Good news to iTouch, iPhone, iPad users… There’s an app of our girls.
If you search “2NE1” in App store, several apps will come up including Etude House featuring 2NE1
and now ‘To Anyone’ . Thank you Papa YG :)

There is two version of ‘To Anyone’ app. One is lite version, which is a limited goodies of 2NE1, but FREE.
The other one is full version, which is an all access of 2NE1 goodies including photos, videos, on air option, and etc., but it cost $7.99. I have the lite version of the app and its great, but doesn’t have much as the full version.

So take a look at these caps I made.

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Gallery set GO GO under the cut

|NEWS| The Reason Why Park Bom Cried on Episode 3 of 2NE1 TV Season 2

In recent episode of 2NE1 TV aired last week, Tuesday, September 21, 2010, a teaser was shown towards the end about the girls’ trip to the US. It also showed Bom crying over someone’s grave.A lot of speculations came out especially that rumor that it was Bom’s dog, Choco who died. Everyone believed it, but just today, OSEN reported that it was actually Bom’s aunt. There was no translation being released yet but we are thinking that this could probably the aunt that raised Bom while she was in the United States.The girls went to the US to meet Will.I.Am of the Blackeyed Peas. They also did recordings as what CL revealed in the episode 2 of 2NE1 TV.Episode 3 of the said show will be aired today at 6PM KST. We will be uploading raw and sub versions as soon as they are available.

source: news.nate

credits: ygunited