|ME2DAY\10.09.22| Dara in a wedding dress?!

Original message:

쌩뚱맞은 합성놀이 ㅋㅋㅋ 막상 집에서 쉬려니까 할게없어요 먹고자고 ㅋㅋ 내일부턴 또 일해야되는뎅말이죠! 즐거운 추석 보냈어요?!^^

In English:

*something about playing* ㅋㅋㅋ Not resting at the house to eat and sleep ㅋㅋ From tomorrow, work stops! Did you have a great Chuseok?!^^

Source: Dara’s Me2day
Translations by AA-Chan

*Sorry if the symbols don’t show… I’ll fix that when I get home.*
Oh lol I just realized I think she photoshopped herself  into the pic XD Or I might be mistaken



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|Fashion| Minzy and GD shares clothes again!

I don’t know if they have own pieces or are they just sharing this shirt/top/dress, it’s not the first time sharing same pieces of clothing, right? :)

Minzy had this dress in their first photos what were released from the comeback 2010 and GD has been having his shirt on Japan promotions, and the newest occasion was for the AnAn Magazine Japan photoshoot.

Look the pics under the cut Continue reading