|Video/100913| BTS of 2NE1’s “Can’t Nobody” MV

check this can’t nobody making film. ^^

~yah!Seems there’s gonna be a English version for this video.  Can’t wait to see.

Credits: YGLIFEofficial@YT + Himitsuu@soompi



|Photos| The inspiration behind 2NE1 MV set…CL’s dad

Prof. Kiejin Lee (aka coolest dad on earth, aka CL-roo appa) who also writes children book and makes toy figurine. It seems that some of his creation was used in 2NE1 Can’t Nobody MV. Isn’t it cool?!!!

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|News| Park Bom, tempted by Spicy rice cakes

Mnet is going to start broadcasting ‘2NE1 TV’ season 2 on the 14th. It’ll be about 2NE1’s daily activities and their preparation for the comeback. Sometimes other artists in YG often feature as well.

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|News/100913| Sina Entertainment News: 2NE1 is on the top of this week’s korean music charts

Their song was a new entry but already claimed the first place in the charts. Although they are still relatively newcomers to the industry, their abilities have become tantamount to their seniors.

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|Charts/100913| 2NE1 chart rankings

***I just check some of the major online charts to see how is 2NE1 “To  Anyone” album is doing. ^_^


2010.09.13 18:00 현재

투애니원(2ne1) 1집 – 21: Can’t Nobody
이루 4집 – Got To Be
로엔엔터테인먼트 144
에프티 아일랜드 – Beautiful Journey: 미니앨범 2집
태양 – Solar: International ED.
소녀시대 2집 – Oh!: Repack.
내 여자 친구는 구미호(OST): SBS-TV 수목 드라마
윈드밀 미디어

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|News/100913| 2NE1 raises Inkigayo ratings by 0.1%

Girl group 2NE1 recently had a 11 minute long comeback stage through the latest episode of SBS Inkigayo. Despite their great stage, the viewer ratings did not seem to be as great. Inkigayo’s production crew was expecting a leap in the viewers ratings with the 11-minute comeback stage. However,  it seemed that viewers did not want to comply.

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|Video| Wanna learn to dance Can’t Nobody?

Here’s one awesome dance cover made by WAWA DANCE ACADEMY. The video is made in mirrored mode, so it’s easier for you to learn the steps, too bad YG has removed the audio from the vid… You can always play the song itself from your own player or play the official MV at the background xD

Also visit their cyworld


Cr: namgeun @ YT

|News/100913| Moon Geun Young “I’m a 2NE1 fan”

The singer, actress Moon Geun Young is a true 2NE1 fan.

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|News/100913| Robot made by CL’s father stars in “Can’t Nobody” MV

On the 12th, 2NE1’s music video for “Can’t Nobody” was released and near the middle of the video, leader CL’s solo scene is filmed before human-sized robots. These robots, as it turns out, were creations of CL’s father! Continue reading

|News/100913| Yang Hyun Suk(the head of YG entertainment who recently got married) cheers, “2NE1 Hwaiting”

From 2NE1 member’s mouth spills the episodes of making songs. WillIAm team up to Yang Hyun Suk Head’s happening. With their characteristic talk let’s see what interesting things took place.

#Fighting!(Yang Hyun Suk)
One morning as we were busy with preparing 3 title songs he whispered that word and ran away. At first I though I heard wrong! Guess even stern Headmaster(?) though our practice was harsh. Thanks to him that morning practice ended well. (CL)

#San-Dara (LA airport staff)
For WillIAm teamwork we were at the LA airport. A Filipino staff notices us right away with his distinct accent said “San-Dara”. He helped us with our luggage which were pretty heavy. He in a way treated us like superstars! Wow he actually remembered me (Sandara)

#”Almost Chaos”
Each performance was quite strong so after performing it was like Sauna level. Nonetheless lots of ideas from the members were applied so we feel proud. Most funniest preformance is “Clap Your Hands”. There’s a banch and we roll on it hang onto it it’s almost like chaos. (Minzy)
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