[me2day/100912] Dara shows a HEART~

이거.. 누구에게 보내는 메세지인지 알겟죠?!!^^; 꺅!!! 바로바로 당신들!!! 이제 다시 시작이니까 우리 활동 열심히 할테니 응원 많이 해죠용!!! 꺅~! 휘리릭!!!

This.. do you know who sent this message?!!^^; Kkyak!!! You guys!!! Starting our activities again, so cheer us on a lot, OK!!! Kkyak~!

Thanks aa-chan for the translations!

OhDaraFanblog@youtube.com for the upload!


|News/100912| SBS’s special treatment for 2NE1 backfires

With 2NE1 having completed their impressive triple track comeback performance on SBS‘ ”Inkigayo,” they’ve become the topic of much sarcastic and cynical remarks, putting what seems like an adverse effect on the special treatment they received from SBS.

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|PHOTOS/100912| Blackjacks waiting @ Dream Concert

Look at this photo how Blackjacks are eagerly waiting for 2NE1 to perform @ Hallyu Dream Concert 2010. As 2NE1 is off to airport after their pre-recorded comeback performance @ Inkigayo today.

Credit: 퉨덕@dc


|CAPS\100912| 2NE1’s Comeback Stage LQ

Sorry for the LQ I took the screen caps during the streaming
and my connection was bad OTL

But don’t worry this isn’t 2NE1’s only performance ;D

Watch the LIVE performance HERE

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|Video| 2NE1’s performances & more for their first comeback stage

OMO! I totally miss you 2NE1.
You never fail to have a very fierce and energetic performance.
Here are videos of MCs intro. for 2NE1, Up next video and their performances.
Tried uploading it through our youtube, but YG is too smart and deleting our vids as soon as its uploaded.
**With anyway to tweek and change the titles.**

MCs intro for 2NE1

UP Next video


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[me2day/100912] Dara, “…the cheering sounds were like woah~…”

와쌉?!? 방금 인기가요 사전녹화 끝내고 경주드림콘서트 하러 공항가는중이에요! 오늘 다들 수고 많았어요!!!^^ 응원소리가 무슨~ ㅋ 우리가 항상 밍끼 목소리 크다고 확성기라고 부르는데 오늘오신 그대들이야말로 진정한 확성기!!ㅋ 최고! 조심히들어가요~^.*

Whassup?!? We just finished prerecording for Inkigayo and now we’re on our way to the airport to go do the Kyungjoo Dream Concert! Everyone worked very hard today!!!^^ The cheering sounds were like woah~ ke we always say that Mingki’s voice is loud and like a speakerphone but you guys who came today are truly speakerphones!! ke The best! Please go home safely~^.*

Translations by : GEE@YGLadies.com