[OPINION/100910] What Lies Beneath the ‘Go Away’ MV Concept

Hello Blackjacks! My name is Henry Allen and I am Letsplay2ne1’s new writer. Now before you read my first article, please bear in mind that things said here does not reflect the insights of the whole of LP21. This is solely my own opinion and you’re all welcome to make it yours as well. So here it is:


Barely minutes after YG officially released 2NE1’s Music Video for ‘Go Away’, fans and even non-fans swarmed the internet to see one of the three highly-anticipated music videos.

The ‘Go Away’ MV is highly different from ‘Clap Your Hands’ which was released a day earlier. The music video centers on a girl (played by none other than CL herself) who gets dumped by her boyfriend and of course, you’ll probably imagine what the girl does after that.

So then CL, after so much depression, still pursues her ex-boyfriend who has already found her replacement. Then, unexpectedly, the best part of the MV comes. CL gets beaten by the ex-boyfriend. That, in my opinion, is a highly-dramatic scene that blends flawlessly with the upbeat song.

However, things go a little confusing in the end which, as of this writing, is still being debated by hundreds, even thousands of fans from all over the world. Who died? Was it CL or the guy? Why is CL walking with the other girls in the end? Who are the Dara, Bom and Minzy playing, anyway?

So here is my take on the controversial ending of the music video. Yes, the girl in the black car is really CL and the one who got crushed and got fried inside the car is CL herself, not the ex-boyfriend. So did she die? In a manner of speaking, yes. You see, CL walks away in the end which means that the scene actually is a mere interpretation that the CL who once was a weak, boyfriend-worshipping woman is dead and a new CL, now a stronger and bolder lady who can easily say “Go away!” to an ex-boyfriend, is born.

So who are Dara, Bom and Minzy playing? Well, they could serve as CL’s conscience, heart and the millions of other women who try to overcome the burdens of a breakup. All of which are telling her to change, make a stand and respect herself. CL undergoes a transformation that probably no guy could ever understand. It’s a transformation that happens after women realize that there is a new day waiting after that drastic breakup. The concept, all in all, actually gives us a strong message that it’s not easy to change ourselves for the better but doing it could give us a rewarding feeling.

Again, this interpretation might not be what the filmmakers think it is. It might mean something else but hey, this is art, whatever interpretation given is right so we can believe what we want to believe. Besides, who wouldn’t want a healthy debate? :)

Written by HenryAllen @Letsplay2ne1


11 thoughts on “[OPINION/100910] What Lies Beneath the ‘Go Away’ MV Concept

  1. off the topic… id like to ask if anyone knows what brand of helmet was used in these MV… used by the girl that is.. thank you very much.. can’t seem to find it in the net

  2. not true.pause at 5.10 to 5.11.see the 4girls?
    2NE1.meaning:CL not even in the car.
    so her frens (minzy dara and bom)are just showing her what would happen if she continued going after him.

  3. i do agree this MV is wonderful but it also brings some difficult-to-understand points. First, that’s definitely orange car is burning in the last few seconds of the MV (06:06) so what really happened?? Black or orange car was burned?? Next, there was small mistake on CL face at the scene when she was hit, the bu****it guy hit Cl on the left side. Finally, I love this MV and 2NE1!!!

  4. Yes. Finally. Someone who thinks and digs deeper. :)
    i can’t believe some, who supposed to be reviewing the mv, had shallow thoughts..

    **okay, as much as i want to avoid dropping the site’s name, i am forced to say it. SEOULBEATS. :/ their interpretation is really..well, DUMB.

    Great job henry allen!

  5. i was redirected here from another forum. I LOVE your interpretation, it reflects how i first felt about the MV too. CL’s old self dying. It’s really such a deep and touching piece of artwork. thanks for the article!

  6. I don’t think CL died in that accident
    Cause that accident is a ‘future’ possibility,CL will die if she (or abused woman) kept being in a relationship with a guy like that.
    You can see the ending (when CL met the other 2NE1), on the background, the car which is on fire is the orange car (not the black car like the previous shown)
    That’s the proof that the crash between CL n they guy is just a future possibility (is not really happening)
    The fact is, CL already saying goodbye to the guy & she doesn’t care anymore about him , so she won’t do something stupid like kill him on a racing.
    And the other fact is, in the end the guy’s car really is crashed (but, not with CL, but with other person)
    Cause if you take a look carefully in the end, the orange car is on fire & there is a red car next to the orange car (that means the red car is crashing the orange car, and there is no black car)
    That’s my opinion (I don’t really know how to explain it)
    Give me your opinion please^_^

  7. great interpretations! thank you :D

    you made me appreciate the MV more.
    to see deeper than just flashy race cars, cool outfits and hot ex-boyfriends :)

  8. that’s the correct interpretation.

    the race with the race cars is a metaphor for the relationship which was probably a fast and loose relationship. CL is in the black car where the color black symbolizes how dark and depressed she feels. and the ex-boyfriend is in the bright orange car where the bright colors symbolizes how happy he is. but the orange which is close to being red would be a color for his aggression like with how he argued with CL in the beginning of the video telling her to breakup and later hitting her in that one other scene. and the other girl was in red in one of the race scenes where red would symbolize the intrusion of new girlfriend and how much CL would see the red when hating that girl when CL put the helmet shield down and refusing to shake her hand.

    the bumping between the cars would symbolize the bumps and arguments in the relationship.

    and the crash with CL’s black car blowing up would symbolize the awful explosive ending of the relationship. and since CL was in the black car that spun out of control (because CL probably felt she lost control in the relationship), and got crashed into by the orange car (the boyfriend hitting CL and breaking up with CL), and then the car exploding “killing” CL then that symbolizes how she was the most hurt in the relationship.

    anyone’s who has been in a relationship knows how awful a bad ending could be. it could be explosive and hurtful. a part of you dies when that happens. you know how you would say “i want to die” when something like a breakup happens. that’s what the car explosion symbolizes.

    then at the end, you see CL with the other 2NE1 girls who are comforting her (dara and bom put hands on CL’s shoulders) and you can see dara are asking CL if CL is okay (even though you cannot hear dara saying that). and then you see that CL nods her head yes. and then CL moves on with a smile on her face with the other 2NE1 girls walking beside her supporting her as the video ends. the video ends and you know CL is moving on.

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