|News/101009| 2NE1 promotional expense is $850,195

It was revealed that YG Entertainment spent this big amount of money for the most anticipating comeback of this quartet group, 2NE1 for their first full album ” To Anyone ” on promotional alone. It was the biggest investment for a group promotional expenses in korea.

YG representative stated on the 10th with Osen “The total production costs for their three music videos is $425,097 USD. Adding up their outfit costs, it comes out to about $595,136 USD. Then once you add bus advertisements, movie advertisements, and other expenses, it totals to $850,195 USD.”

He also added, He went on to reveal, “Once you also consider the amount each member gets paid every time they make an appearance, the promotion expenses for this album exceeds $1,275,293 USD. That’s how much effort we spent on their first official album.”

Their first album cost similarly to the production cost of most movies to think that it is at risk as to the Korean music industry is in current recession. YGE also risking to win with their triple title tracks is not an ordinary strategy but a double risk to made.

As they unveiled their strategy over this triple title tracks, many industry representative have expressed their concern towards YGE to make such a tactic that is hard enough to push artists to success while focusing to one title track, much less than three. Not only that, but confusion on the music charts with the attention given to this three tracks.

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|News/100909| Sori, 5th member of 2NE1?

Korean singer Sori revealed at the upcoming episode of Invincible Youth that she rejected an offer from YGE President Yang Hyun Suk to mentor 2NE1.

Sori (Kim So Ri) admitted, “The current president of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun Suk, asked me to teach dance to a female Big Bang once.

She refuse that offer as she is busy preparing for her own album. But, that female Bigbang that she referring to is non other than 2NE1. As Sori revealed this story and feel of regret,  it made everyone laugh on the set.

Maybe that time she doesn’t not how this lucky girls (2NE1) will burning up the Kpop scene as of today.

Source: Allkpop


|ME2DAY\100910| Dara having a drink ~

Original: 아까까지만해도..씨에루의 발연기를 걱정해주던 내가..그러던 내가..뮤직비됴를 보고 입장이 바뀌엇다ㅠ 그 코믹한 비쥬얼과 발연기..정말이지 소주를 마시고싶다!ㅠ축굴욕영상 탄생!사실 그씬 찍을때 너무 웃기다며 폭소하던 채린이가 사진을 찍어줬다 그때부터 이미 웃겻던것이다..

Translations to come ~

Lol I think they filmed the MV with water XD

Source: Dara’s me2day


[OPINION/100910] What Lies Beneath the ‘Go Away’ MV Concept

Hello Blackjacks! My name is Henry Allen and I am Letsplay2ne1’s new writer. Now before you read my first article, please bear in mind that things said here does not reflect the insights of the whole of LP21. This is solely my own opinion and you’re all welcome to make it yours as well. So here it is:


Barely minutes after YG officially released 2NE1’s Music Video for ‘Go Away’, fans and even non-fans swarmed the internet to see one of the three highly-anticipated music videos.

The ‘Go Away’ MV is highly different from ‘Clap Your Hands’ which was released a day earlier. The music video centers on a girl (played by none other than CL herself) who gets dumped by her boyfriend and of course, you’ll probably imagine what the girl does after that.

So then CL, after so much depression, still pursues her ex-boyfriend who has already found her replacement. Then, unexpectedly, the best part of the MV comes. CL gets beaten by the ex-boyfriend. That, in my opinion, is a highly-dramatic scene that blends flawlessly with the upbeat song.

However, things go a little confusing in the end which, as of this writing, is still being debated by hundreds, even thousands of fans from all over the world. Who died? Was it CL or the guy? Why is CL walking with the other girls in the end? Who are the Dara, Bom and Minzy playing, anyway?

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|News/100909| 2NE1 takes first on Japan’s HMV music chart

2NE1 has demonstrated their power once more, and this time by taking first on a Japanese music chart!

After releasing their first official album, “To Anyone,” on the 9th, 2NE1 came up on first on record store chain HMV’s imported music chart, catching many by surprise, as 2NE1 has yet to officially promote in Japan.

2NE1 has been killing records in Korea as well with all three title tracks taking first through third on major music sites such as Melon, Dosirak, Cyworld, and Monkey3.

Riding on the statistical success of their impressive comeback, 2NE1 will be making their official return on the 12th at SBS’s “Inkigayo.”

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|100910/News| 2NE1: Most Anticipated Fall Comeback

2NE1 has surfaced as the most anticipated artist to be making a fall comeback.

On music specialty site, Monkey3, a survey was put up with the question ‘The artist you’re waiting to make a fall comeback in 2010 is?’. Out of a total of 1076 votes, 2NE1 won first place, scoring a total of 336 votes (31%).

Before their comeback performance, their three title songs, ‘Go Away’, ‘Can’t Nobody’, and ‘Clap Your Hands’ swept up the positions 1st-3rd on various online music real time charts, including Monkey3.

BEAST placed 2nd place with 155 votes (14%) . With their subsequent hit songs, ‘Shock’ and ‘Mystery’, they are a rapidly rising idol group. The lead vocal, Yang Yoseob, received surgery due to rhinitis, and BEAST is scheduled to make a comeback when he is fully recovered.

1TYM’s name rose to third place, who will be resuming activities with their 6th album with 155 votes (14%).

Following them, Sung Shikyung took 4th place (131 votes, 12%), Park Hyoshin at 5th (108 votes, 10%), and Yang Donggeun won 6th place (77 votes, 7%).

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20100910n07870
Translated by
GEE @ ygladies.com

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|News/100909| 2NE1 Featured on Perezhilton.com

Famed celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton is a known fan of k-pop. On his website, he has posted the music videos of various k-pop artists including Big Bang, Hyori and Wonder Girls among others although it seems his heart truly lies with 2NE1.

Since their debut, perezhilton.com has been one of the first international websites to post 2NE1’s music videos, opening up a new portal to reach international fans. As a fan-boy of 2NE1, Perez Hilton posted their newest music video for ‘Clap Your Hands’ but it appears that he was not overly impressed stating that it was “too urban” for his k-pop tastes.

Regardless, exposure on websites such as perezhilton.com is a major step towards breaking into the international and American music scenes, creating amazing opportunities for 2NE1’s impending US debut.

Click here to go to perezhilton.com to watch ‘Clap Your Hands’ and read comments.

Credit: AllyGirlie @ ygladies.com

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[me2day/100910] Dara teases us with Go Away MV’s lead character — CL!

와쌉?!?^^ 이제 곧 고 어웨이 뮤직삐디오가 공개되겟죠.. 처음으로 원톱 연기에 도전한 우리의 리다!!! 발연기햇다며 걱정하며 작아져있는 비련의 여주인공 씨에루!!!ㅋ 이뿌게봐주세요~! ^_^ 홧팅홧팅 야야야!!!

Whassup?!?^^ We’re going to release the Go Away music video soon.. this is the first time that our leader will be taking a shot at being a lead character!!! The female lead with a tragic role, CLroo is worrying about her bad acting and is shrinking away!!ke Please be easy on her~! ^_^ Fighting Fighting ya ya ya!!!

Translated by: (GEE)O AWAY! ☞ @YGLadies.com