|Video| 2NE1’s Official Comeback Stage Teaser

OMO! I’m so excited…

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|Twitter/100905| Hwang Ssa Bu: Minkki dancing to Se7en’s Digital Bounce

Se7en 따라하기!^^

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|Lyrics| ENG, ROM, & KOR of 2NE1’s “It Hurts” teaser from To-Anyone Album

“It Hurts” by 2NE1


CL : You put on the shoes I gave to you, and take a walk with her
And kiss that girl as if it’s nothing oh
You sprinkle on that perfume I gave you, and you embrace her
You’ll probably repeat those promises that you once made with me

Minji: I wonder if it’s too late for us already, has our love ended?
Anything, please just say something to me oh oh
We were truly in love, can we not go back?
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