|Photo| 2ne1 with Jeremy Scott and Babymary

Here’s a picture of our girls without our maknae Minzy with Jeremy Scott and Babymary. I believe this picture was taken during Jeremy Scott’s Party held in Seoul, Korea. Enjoy~!

Credits :: Babymary / The2ne1hour


|Me2day/100729| Hwang Ssa Bu: Kawaii Dara’s Exercise Video

On July 29. 2NE1’s trainer, Hwangssabu filmed a small video clip of Sandara Park working out.

She was dressed in a white clothing along with a matching white hairband, that made her appearance seem more clean and fresh.

Her workout consisted of┬áher kicking up her legs while shouting out while sweating. After the workout, Hwangssabu asked in Korean, “Sandara Park how effective was your exercise?” Which she replied while clapping her hands together in a cute way, “It was good, it seems like I’m going to become a body jjang.”

From this video, Sandara Park always seems to remain her cute, innocent attitude all the time, even while she’s exercising!

Credits: taijizero2 @youtube