|Article/YGENT.related| YG is Brewing Something for 2NE1’s Comeback

Here’s an article about our girls who seem to be already preparing for their comeback! Excited? It also talks about the person behind the choreo, Mari Martin. Check out the article below!

source: YG United

YG always has this knack of surprising fans, don’t you think? First off, they released TOP’s Turn It Up MV teaser without warning. And then right after,  Taeyang’s SOLAR was announced to be released the 1st day of July.  And now, we got Se7en’s comeback teaser, back to back with all this hyped up Taeyang articles all over the internet.

This one here that we are writing about is a hard find. It is so amazing hearing from people who got to work with the people from YG and getting some sort of “secrets and hints” from them.

When “I Need a Girl” second video was released, someone who is working inside YG got to put a comment at alwaystaeyang on the posted video:

“Dude… Dara is hot and sexy with her movement in this video -_-;……
I think she did damn goood because i saw her practice with young bae and shaun evaristo to prepare for it but considering she learned it in a short period of time where she practiced the dance for like a few hours for two days, all the while learning her new dance with 2ne1, which I have to say is freaking awesome and Mari Martin choreographed it. I think she was uber tired after practice but I got to eat korean bbq with her and Se7en =D

I was in the room when YG took down the music video the day it premiered and I was like why?! in my head…all teddy said was he didn’t like the shots and what nots and not enough dancing, I was also in the room with the director who shot this music video and he was talking to YG but i didn’t understand korean ahaha.
but I don’t know… i like it”

Note: This was posted by Qui in ALWAYSTAEYANG. Qui is part of the Kanauru production, one that makes the video for Shaun’s Movement Lifestyle company. He, along with another buddy, tagged along Shaun and team (on their own expense) to document ML choreographers’ life. — Sujini at clbaddestfemale

So, what are we exactly getting at? Isn’t it evident enough that 2NE1 is in for another explosion soon enough?

When is the comeback finally be? Well, we still got no news about it but we are expecting it to be on October of this year, right after Big Bang’s comeback. How is that?

Yes, 2NE1 are currently practicing their dance and choreography for their comeback, and that will happen not too long now.

As what Qui said in his comment, Mari Martin trained the girls for their choreography. If you ever wonder who she is, check this videos out below.

So people, cheer up! It doesn’t matter if 2NE1 is losing their fans on fan cafes because no matter what, they will still keep on coming back!

Watch out for another female and girl power domination on the next episode of YG’s Surprise Attacks!

Here’s one of Mari Martin’s dance videos, she seems pretty good. Check it out under the cut!

credit: vybedance @ youtube


4 thoughts on “|Article/YGENT.related| YG is Brewing Something for 2NE1’s Comeback

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  2. Yeah.. Qui Turong.. I kinda familiar with him.. hahaha
    Mari Martin is also one of the best choreos.. I think their comeback is just around the corner.. Can’t Wait!

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